FBN Wants You to “Prosper”…

FBN has apparently launched a new branding campaign. The new catch phrase is “The power to prosper” and it’s trademarked. So far the only mention of this I’ve seen is on the FBN website. But since they went through the trouble of trademarking that phrase, it is likely that we’ll be seeing print and TV ads using it soon, if they’re not out already.

Update: As has been pointed out to me in the comments, there have been TV ads on the air for a while now. Hey I’ve got a DVR! I skip commercials!

Related: TVNewser’s Molly Stark Dean notes how FNC is onboard with the new FBN campaign…


7 Responses to “FBN Wants You to “Prosper”…”

  1. They’ve been running ads with it on FNC for weeks.

  2. Noted. Need to stop skipping commercials.

  3. Good Grief! “Watch us to succeed in life”.

  4. “Lean forward and prosper”.

  5. I know CNBC has “first in business worldwide” and that slogan with a bunch of adjectives. Something like “fast, accurate, actionable.” Does Bloomberg have a slogan?

  6. The anchors have been saying the phrase for awhile now…

    The ads running have an FBN/FNC personality in it ex. Claman/Megyn

    BOR/Bolling etc…

    Also FNC is the power to inform, FBN the power to prosper

  7. if they want us to prosper don’t force cable companies to add your stupid channel and make us fork out more money.

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