Maddow Makes Mistake: Update…

Tonight on Rachel Maddow’s program, Maddow addressed the issue which ICN highlighted earlier today concerning Steve Stockman and the Oklahoma City bombing. Maddow explained that the problem was an editing error she made.

5 Responses to “Maddow Makes Mistake: Update…”

  1. Boy, you people really like to beat an issue to death. One error and the broadsides begin. Sorry, I understand errors are made and, as long as they are corrected/explained, I’m on to a brand new horizon. I will enthusiastically state that I did enjoy many of the comments, it just got out of hand when there were instances of tit- for- tat. Can’t say that I blame anyone, I also get a bit into wanting to make a clarification when misunderstood, but, in this site’s environment it is extreemly easy to misconstrue another’s viewpoint. it’s the nature of the “game”. Thank you for letting me share.

  2. Boy, you people really like to beat an issue to death. One error and the broadsides begin.

    It’s the nature of the site. More casual viewers would probably find the amount of information Spud brings us excessive, but we like our cable news, know a lot about it, and if he backed off, we’d fill in the gaps anyway.

    I enjoy the sometimes excessive back-and-forth. It makes me feel involved in something real that matters. I still make my forays into auto and bicycle sites, but you always know you’re not really talking about anything. Talk of cable news involves talk about news created by real people who have a real impact on our real lives. I like it.

  3. Hey Fred, I enjoy reading your “sharing”. Most of us don’t get our noses bent from all the back and forth tussles and you shouldn’t, either… unless I haul off and punch you in the nose, of course.

    Fear not, I save my violence for the idiot who posted before me. He hates violence.

  4. Kiss off, Britboy.

  5. I get into it pretty hard with many people on this site, J$ and TVN. I do my best to remain civil and not take it seriously… I even ignore them a lot of times. But, it’s tough when you have to deal with people who are proud of their ignorance. I’m not going to name any names, though.

    On the bright side, I find JR, Al and fredorth some of the more enjoyable people to debate and discuss news about cable news with.

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