The Hazards of Live TV: #25,079 and #25,080

While I disagree with the conclusion contained in this article, and say why in the comments, an open mic is an open mic…and that’s a Hazard.

So is having the control room cut to a wide shot on Jansing & Co. a couple of days ago to reveal that one of their guests is standing in front of the desk without a chair and two others are sitting down. The chairless guest walked away and then reappeared a minute later sitting down. I had suspected that all the talking heads coming in and out of the set presented logistical problems for the show. This proves it.

Update: Alan Colmes apparently contacted Mediaite and took issue with its characterization of what happened so they changed the headline.


10 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,079 and #25,080”

  1. Yes, I also saw this and it was awkward. I did appreciate how everyone worked their way through it, and, despite some rough edges, they handled it rather well.
    Additionally, I really don’t mind these “errors”. They add a nice touch of humanity to the course of the program. Staff can always make such booboos, but, they do give us a gentle reminder that they are always there, behind the camera. Actually, the whole episode brought to me a smile. 🙂

  2. I agree with Fred that this is no big deal.

    MSNBC is a pretty loose organization when it comes to what is shown as background or people coming on and going off set.

    On Maddow’s & other shows there are often people walking past in the background even in CU’s and on MJ guests are shown on purpose in the green room and coming on or leaving the set.

    It’s part of what I like about MSNBC shows.

  3. fritz3, I like to think of MSNBC as the “family news channel”. Instead of the ususual “talking to” that one finds elsewhere, MSNBC is more “talking with”. That is a very good thing, and I just want to enjoy the experience.

  4. On Maddow’s & other shows there are often people walking past in the background even in CU’s and on MJ guests are shown on purpose in the green room and coming on or leaving the set.

    Big difference. The issues you cite are either background action, which is deliberately taken into account (if they didn’t want people walking in the background they would have put a wall up), or set up shots, which are deliberately orchestrated.

    This was neither. This was a screw up. I’ve seen a lot of MSNBC at 30 Rock. I’ve never seen something like that happen before. It’s because of the show format and the rush to take guests off and bring guests on. I saw another screw up as well and several what I would call “near misses” where if the camera hadn’t cut away a screw up would have ensued.

  5. icn2, ever the critic. Of course your point is insightful and meaningful, though, I, being the incurable romantic, prefer to appreciate the near misses. Besides, if everyone was perfect, we would have nothing to write about.
    When I hear the words “screw up” I think more of an intentional act. I believe that you prefer the more precise “a serious mistake, blunder, mess”. Since I will agree that it was awkwardly uncomfortable and very noticeable, I would yield to your point to indicate that it was a blunder, but one that still added a nice touch of value to the program.

  6. Welcome to life on Mars.

  7. joe, Oh heck, it was an off day, all around. At least they know it now and, hopefully, will learn from it. Now, back to my daydreaming.

  8. Update

    Spud’s being modest. Colmes had them change it to what Spud said it should be.

  9. joe, You may very well be correct. I’ll go with that because it sounds good.

  10. Alan Colmes really irritates me sometimes, but his irritation is usually consistent. I hope Spud and Josh Kaib enjoyed their cookies.

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