What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/24/10

What’s Hot:

Juan Williams fired by NPR – Williams got dispatched under dubious at best circumstances by NPR and the red blogosphere and parts of the blue blogosphere went ape, though not necessarily for the same reasons. FNC took full advantage of the situation and launched a full frontal assault on NPR, which itself is a little disconcerting to me. I don’t think you have enough fingers to count all the various axes that are being ground on this story…

FNC mocks MSNBC ads – FNC launched a pair of ads that sort of mocked MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign.

FNC and FNC employees sued by former employee for hostile work environment – Don’t expect a lot more news out of this story. I don’t expect it’ll ever make it to trial.

MSNBC hires Cenky Uygur – Uygur is hired as a contributor and fill in host.

The Last Word remains steady – No signs of ratings erosion yet.

Dan Abrams: Free Agent? – Apparently Dan Abrams’ contractual obligations to NBC News as Legal Analyst do not preclude off network appearances. Abrams showed up on Parker/Spitzer to talk about Juan Williams, something that is definitely a legal issue. I’m still scratching my head on how NBC allowed that to happen.

What’s Not:

Editing 101 – Rachel Maddow made a claim that was demonstrably false on her show concerning Steve Stockman getting advanced word on the Oklahoma City bombing. Maddow apologized for the mistake and blamed it on an editing error.

NPR – I don’t think NPR could have found a more self-destructive way to handle the Williams firing than it has.

Phil Griffin – Griffin challenged people to show that MSNBC had been used as a platform for campaign advertising, or, as Griffin called it, “fund-raising”. Johnny Dollar did a pretty convincing job answering said challenge.

ICN – A tad slow to catch on to FBN’s Power to Prosper campaign I was. Bad Spud. Bad bad Spud…

Other Media Sites – Few sites wrote about the FNC lawsuit story. Too busy obsessing over bed bugs in FNC’s building are we?


12 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/24/10”

  1. Hot: I have (perversely) enjoyed the absolute hell out of the ‘Juan’-debacle. It has displayed, for all to see, the craven dishonesty of the far left, and the lengths to which they will go to attempt to ‘destroy’ someone who doesn’t fall-in-line with them. This is what is meant by ‘straying off the plantation’. That’s what Juan did, and this is his ‘punishment’. The ‘right’, generally speaking, wants people to be persuaded, not strong-armed.
    I initially thought that Mara Liasson was next. In the fullness of time, it seems like she may have one of the safest jobs in D.C.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    RE: The FNC lawsuit–

    While it’s interesting for the most obsessed of cable news (and television) junkies, at this point it’s still a ‘he said/she said’ situation. Disgruntled employees don’t make much news, and especially fearful media managers may not want to encourage or entice borderline employees by over-covering such a story.

  3. Grandpa Dave Says:

    remains steady – No signs of ratings erosion yet.
    Somehow it seems like a sad day for CNN, and in a way all of cable news, when “remains steady” is HOT. But I suppose, considering past performance in that time slot, you have a point.

  4. Grandpa, The Last Word “remains steady” on MSNBC.

  5. laure, Yes, but the left AND the right are their own worst enemies.

  6. In the fullness of time, it seems like she may have one of the safest jobs in D.C.

    She can appear on Fox and demand that Obama show her his birth certificate – “And not the one in Arabic, Barry!” – and right now NPR couldn’t do a thing.

  7. ”I’m Mara Liasson, b!tch. I gotcher ‘Arabic’ right here..”

  8. ”I’m Mara Liasson, b!tch.”


  9. -Mara Liasson-

    Probably safe for now, but what they did to Juan Williams was so dumb and irrational that I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if she’s off FNC within the year. Or maybe she’ll up and quit NPR to go do something else.

  10. Mara — I have seen her tie it in a knot in order to keep from expressing an opinion. It’ll be interesting to see what their premise would be for firing her, seeing as how it would have nothing at all to do with the fact that she works for Fox.

  11. Roger Ailes knew 16 years ago that they’d be pissing people off with his FNC plan and I bet he’s thoroughly enjoyed doing so. It’s not liberals that he wanted to counter, but the news media establishment (which is really what is meant by “mainstream media”) that believes “it” is the rightful arbiter of what qualifies as a legitimate story and how these stories should be framed. Rupert Murdoch saw an opportunity to profit by taking advantage of the failures of the existing news media biases.

    As an example of how FNC often takes advantage over its competition, in 2008 the Bush administration released a report to congress, without much fanfare, on 15 of the 18 political benchmarks in Iraq that were showing ‘satisfactory progress’. Even though a year earlier the same administration had said that only 8 of the 18 were making satisfactory progress, only Fox News thought this information to be ‘newsworthy’. By any honest measure, this was something that should be reported. As a panellist discussing this news the next day, Juan Williams had to grudgingly admit it was a good sign.

    They may spend a whole lot of time whining about Fox News, but at least CNN and MSNBC engage and compete with it. The NPR gang, though, are much too snooty to do that and FNC’s rapid rise and continuing success really burns their fannies. NPR’s nitch was in its slightly ‘off’ method of framing and analysing news stories. FOX stole much of their appeal and they erroneously assumed it was with a conservative bias that they accomplished this. “FOX will fall once Bush is out of office”, they thought, but its ratings success continued. These same snooty types are also in charge at the White House now, and this is why they thought that dumb ‘attack and boycott’ idea would hurt FOX.

    Juan Williams was fired for what I think is nothing more than childish retribution. If that was it, Mara Liasson may still be a target.

  12. tinafromtampa Says:

    No other media sites covered the law suit against FNC just like no other media covered the outright lie of Maddow and her subsequent “apology” claiming an “editing error”. Go figure.

    Brit Hume says there is a “howling double standard” at NPR, and he is right. Damage done by Schiller is enormous, and the NPR BOD should fire her for her personal attack on Juan, claiming he needed to see a psychiatrist. Her behavior was abominable, and she should be relieved of her CEO role as a result. NPR loses credibility if they retain her, even more than they lost with this action to begin with.

    The comparisons continue — Cokie, Nina, others still employed despite opinionating, but Juan had to go because he didn’t tow the NPR approved line.

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