Brooke Baldwin: New CNN 3-5pm Anchor?

When Rick Sanchez was unceremoniously sent packing for shooting his mouth off, CNN said that Brooke Baldwin would be filling in the next week. That was four weeks ago. Baldwin has been the only person doing that shift since then. That’s more than long enough of an uninterrupted run for we to start wondering if this has moved from being a fill-in to being a try out? I asked CNN if Baldwin was in a tryout scenario but never got a response. So this looks like it’s a good time to dust off the old poll question gizmo…


7 Responses to “Brooke Baldwin: New CNN 3-5pm Anchor?”

  1. My idea: Move Baldwin to 1-3 slot, send Velshi back to NY as American Morning co-anchor, and give John Roberts the 3-5 slot in Atlanta (its about time he and Kyra move in together).

  2. Brooke is a nice straight-news alternative to the agenda-driven histrionics of Cavuto and Ratigan at 4est, but she has GET THIS-itis, the affliction spread so ably by Megyn Kelly and Julie Banderas. “Get THIS! You’re not going to believe THIS! Unbelievable!” Annoying!

  3. Ali Velshi to American Morning is a baaaaaaad idea. Wrong disposition/delivery for that time of day.

  4. Spud got a reply from Brooke about CNN’s plans for her. She knows about as much as we do..

  5. Ooh, now she’s gonna come over here and read my earlier comment. Dang, I hate it when that happens. spite of my wee bit of criticism, after recently discovering it, I find it to be a good straight news program. Ms. Baldwin is a bright spot in a decidedly dim CNN universe at the moment, and they should work to increase her visibility as a “face of CNN”..beginning with ditching Parker/Spitzer and giving her the slot.

    And you can’t accuse me of being insincere and sucking up , ’cause I said all this a couple weeks ago. So there. 🙂

  6. I only mentioned Velshi for AM since he used to do the business ssegments. AM is a lost cause, as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Ooh, now she’s gonna come over here and read my earlier comment. Dang, I hate it when that happens.

    Too late!

    Rule #1 when commenting on TV news boards: Assume the TV person you’re talking about is reading what you wrote.

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