CNN’s Election Matwitch

CNN prematurely took the wraps off Election Matrix and so far the results are mixed to me. I haven’t seen a lot of it in action but there’s one thing I am seeing which annoys the hell out of me. The graphics are twitching up and down bad. Really bad. So bad, I’m really surprised they went ahead with the Matrix in that state. It’s the kind of thing CNN doesn’t need; people like me (justifiably) throwing darts ahead of its election coverage. It poisons the well and echoes some of CNN’s less than impressive past technological election related gambles (fake holograms, pie chart troubles, and another instance of VR twitching).

With so much riding on this for the network, CNN needs to stop that twitch now. Before election night.


3 Responses to “CNN’s Election Matwitch”

  1. From what I have seen, I tend to agree with you. Surely CNN will make the necessary corrections. I am a bit impressed with what I see as simular testing of systems at MSNBC. It will be rather interesting how the two networks unfold.

  2. That one word keeps reminding me of Tweety Bird.

  3. […] week when it first appeared I shouted an alarm at the buggy twitchy-ness it had as the Matrix bounced all over the place and wouldn’t sit […]

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