CNBC Election Coverage Plans

CNBC put out a release on its election night coverage plans.


Special Anchored by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo And Carl Quintanilla (7PM-11PM ET) And Tyler Mathisen And Amanda Drury (11PM-Midnight ET) Live from CNBC’s Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., October 27, 2010—The economy, taxes and jobs take center stage in the most important mid-term elections in a generation, and CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, will feature comprehensive coverage breaking down what the results mean to the two most important streets—Wall Street and Main Street.

On Election night, Tuesday, November 2nd from 7PM-Midnight ET, CNBC will broadcast a live special “Decision 2010: Your Money, Your Vote,” anchored by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and Carl Quintanilla (7PM-11PM ET), and CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen and Amanda Drury (11PM-Midnight ET). CNBC’s Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood will employ the use of the recently launched CNBC Real-Time Exchange to deliver the election results, trends and analysis as polls close.

Live from CNBC Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., the network’s extensive coverage will focus on the key Senate, House and gubernatorial races. CNBC will track the future make-up of Congress and CNBC reporters, experts and industry insiders will forecast what the results mean for taxes, jobs, the economy, markets and your money.

CNBC’s big line-up of guests include CEOs, business leaders and former administration insiders including Gordon Bethune, former Continental Airlines CEO; Robert Lutz, former GM Vice Chairman; Ron Kruszewski, Stifel Nicolaus CEO; Bob Johnson, RLJ Companies CEO; Tony Fratto, Former White House Deputy Spokesman; Keith Boykin, Former White House Special Assistant; Carlos Gutierrez, Former Commerce Secretary; Robert Reich, Former Labor Secretary; Anita Dunn, Former White House Communications Director; Glenn Hubbard, Former CEA Chairman; Rep. Darrell Issa; Rep. Paul Ryan; and Rep. Eric Cantor.

CNBC led the coverage of the economy as it relates to politics with its one-hour special town hall event, “Investing In America: A CNBC Town Hall Event With President Obama.” CNBC’s Election night coverage will feature three of the key participants in the town hall—Velma Hart, Ted Brassfield and CNBC Contributor Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Managing Partner of Skybridge Capital, LLC—all of whom asked President Obama hard-hitting questions on the minds of all Americans.​

CNBC coverage throughout the night also includes:

• CNBC’s Senior Economics Correspondent Steve Liesman will use CNBC’s newly launched 4D to show how the poll results will impact the markets and the economy.
• CNBC’s Bob Pisani will cover the markets and give viewers the edge on how the world is going to trade the next morning.
• CNBC’s Rick Santelli, who’s credited with fathering the Tea Party movement, will offer special commentary.
• CNBC’s Larry Kudlow will provide his insights on what to expect from Washington after the election.
• Mad Money’s Jim Cramer will share his strategy for making money in a post-election market.
• CNBC’s Bill Griffeth will lead CNBC’s town halls across the country taking the pulse of how Americans feel about the real issues in this year’s election. will be following the results of all the major races and be featuring a variety of guest blogs. On, John Carney will be live blogging from an election headquarters in New York City.

In addition, CNBC will broadcast special Election night editions of “Fast Money” at 5PM ET ‘s and “Mad Money w/Jim Cramer” at 6PM ET. And, CNBC’s signature morning program, “Squawk Box,” anchored by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla, will begin at 5AM ET on Wednesday, November 3rd, providing the morning-after results and analysis before the markets open.


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