What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/31/10

What’s Hot:

Toner Death – Friday had the networks go into overdrive as a new Al Queda attack attempt was apparently thwarted. Echoing the post collapse of the twin towers, eyes were glued on flights into this country which originated in Yemen.

Brooke Baldwin – Baldwin has been anchoring the 3-5pm slot since Rick Sanchez was fired. If ICN readers had their way based on the poll I put up, CNN should make Baldwin the permanent anchor for that shift.

Shepard Smith re-signs with FNC – While there was probably little doubt that Smith would re-sign for FNC, it was still a big deal that he did.

David Shuster – Is he done with MSNBC or not. At first it was suggested by Fishbowl DC that Shuster said he was. But later Shuster came out and said he never said he was.

Election time – Not that there was that big a difference in the level of political coverage this week, as opposed to the weeks prior. But it’s finally nearing an end.

What’s Not:

CNN Election Matwitch – They rolled it out early and it should have stayed hidden because it was painfully obvious to all who tuned in that CNN’s Election Matrix twitched badly when the camera would move. There’s could still be time to stop this twitching before election night. Hopefully for CNN they can. Otherwise, it will be the latest in a series of election related gimmicks the network has tried which obviously weren’t ready for unveiling.

Rally for Sanity – It was hyped to death. The actual performance was ok but no way could it possibly match the hype leveled at it before it happened. Worse, everyone was trying to read too hard into what it all meant after it was over. It was a comedy performance by a couple of comedians. Stop trying to elevate it into some watershed moment because you’ll just end up looking silly in the months and years to come when it will likely turn out that nothing came from it.

MSNBC’s non-magic wall magic wall – MSNBC doesn’t have a magic wall. It does have a silly Ipad gimmick that doesn’t look nearly as slick or work as well as a magic wall.

Crow indegestion – I’m still digesting the pile of crow I had to eat at prognosticating that The Last Word would fail. I got it all wrong from the start.

4 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/31/10”

  1. icn2, Very well stated. I must be weird, I agree with you.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    I agree with your “not” for the rally… although, I think to say it will take months and weeks to realize it accomplished nothing is far too long. Days and weeks before its forgotten… hours until its “purpose” is forgotten.

  3. Almost none of these rallies have any lasting impact. The only one that has historic significance is Kings.

    The Obama inauguration may become historic at some future date because of the size and historic relevance – the first black President.
    I don’t think any of the three held in the last few months (Beck, Schultz & Stewart/Colbert) will have historic significance. But of the three, Stewart/ Colbert has, by far, the best chance of creating lasting memories because of Stewart’s speech which was very well crafted and will I think be quoted in the future.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    ^ Well, I think you’re right… but more because nobody knows what was said at the second rally, and nobody (except folks on the Beckian-right) would dare quote Beck in a positive way.

    But judging from a number of signs in the crowd, even the folks he was speaking to didn’t exactly agree with his message. When folks like Media Matters show up, and nod in agreement at the idea we need to “tone down the rhetoric,” you need to realize the message isn’t really getting through.

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