Photos from MSNBC’s Lean Forward Party…

Last Thursday MSNBC held its Lean Forward party down at 7 World Trade Center. Considering who showed up for the event I would have expected more write ups coming out of this party. After all this was the biggest party in MSNBC’s 14 year history in terms of sheer significance, bigger than the 30 Rock unveiling which was held inside 30 Rock. That made this more than just your run of the mill news network shindig (Note: I’m excluding the WHCD parties MSNBC has done two years in a row, which arguably probably were more famous but they aren’t exactly the same thing nor done for the same reason). But the write ups have been few and those that were, with the exception of The New York Observer’s, tended to stay on the superficial and/or brief end of the spectrum.

Obviously I wasn’t there so I can’t write about what happened. But what I can do is show you some pictures from the event, which I know most of you TV news viewers who might have been interested in this event would have wanted to see (and haven’t). All photos are enlargeable…

Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC President Phil Griffin, and Joe Scarborough

Chris Matthews and Contessa Brewer

MSNBC Alumnus Lester Holt and Alex Witt

NBC News President Steve Capus, Phil Griffin, and Chris Matthews

Looking down from 7 World Trade Center. For the event they projected the “Lean Forward” slogan on several buildings surrounding 7 World Trade Center.

Morning Joe Executive Producer Chris Licht and Chris Jansing

MSNBC President Phil Griffin and NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano/MSNBC

5 Responses to “Photos from MSNBC’s Lean Forward Party…”

  1. Great pictures… looks like everyone was having fun. They should have held the party a little later so more of the prime time hosts like Olbermann, Maddow and O’Donnell could attend. I can’t understand why Ed Schultz didn’t attend, though… his show is on earlier, just like Matthews, so it’s doable.

  2. Schultz was there. So was Tamron Hall and Dylan Ratigan. None showed up in these particular pictures however.

  3. imnotblue Says:

    Seems strange that they didn’t hold the party so the prime time folks could attend. That’s very odd, no? Prime time is where they make their money, the backbone of the network… and they couldn’t come. Strange indeed.

  4. Josh Kaib Says:

    WTC 7 is such a nice building with really great views. Great place for a party like this one.

  5. It is great for good people to come together and have some fun. Wonderfulfor them. Personally, I had my Volnay and cheese. Perfect.

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