Cenk Uygur to Anchor 3pm on MSNBC this Month?

From an emailer…

Just got an e-mail alert from Cenk Uygur’s “Young Turks” website that he will be hosting MSNBC Live at 3pm ET every day from November 3rd – November 30th. I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s on track for his own MSNBC show, perhaps at 5 or 7pm Eastern, replacing 1 of the Hardball airings.

I have an inquiry in to MSNBC to confirm…


2 Responses to “Cenk Uygur to Anchor 3pm on MSNBC this Month?”

  1. My question is where’s Martin Bashir? It’s been 4 months since he signed on and no hints (e.g.who will EP) of a show yet. After the treatment of Richard Lui; who was hired as an anchor (see the press release) and now has only a minor support role on Jansing & Co.; are there second thoughts on what role Bashir should play? Uygur will need a slot soon and 3PM is the only one currently open. Just askin’.

  2. Heard about this on TYT last night via YouTube. He’s also going to be doing double duty filling in for Ratigan and Schultz on November 5.

    Just like Fritz, I am wondering more and more: what the heck is going on with Martin Bashir? He was supposed to get his show announced weeks ago, and I’ve been very impatient waiting for it. While I think this month is key for Cenk Uygur to show his candidacy for his own new show, when will Bashir be starting? In December, hopefully.

    And I agree with Fritz that 3pm is the only slot open right now, but I don’t believe it’s the only spot they could give Uygur if he gets his own show. As many have suggested, Cenk should get Matthews’ live spot at 5pm, and he should move to 7pm. I don’t know if Griffin would go for that idea, but what other choice is there?

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