The Tech Behind CNN’s Election Coverage…

Fast Company’s Austin Carr writes about and has pictures of the Technology used in CNN’s Election Coverage last night…

Walking into CNN’s newsroom is like walking into Best Buy during the holidays: gigantic flat panel displays are plastered all over the hangar-like space; people are running around frantically with laptops and Blackberrys and iPads; touchscreens galore dot the scene; and as I watch Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper try to tame opinionated pundits, there are layers of digital projections not visible to the naked eye. It’s a newsroom for the 21st century, and during last night’s hectic mid-term elections, CNN gave Fast Company a behind-the-scenes look at how technology has impacted its news coverage.


3 Responses to “The Tech Behind CNN’s Election Coverage…”

  1. It was “something”..”technology”, it was not.

  2. Too much SFX and not enough plot.

    Despite a cast of thousands.

  3. The thing about tech and graphics is that when it works..who cares? Does anyone watch a network for the graphics? It’s all background-noise after a very short time. It only seems to make a difference when it’s weird or messed-up. I sorta wonder if anyone beyond this group even notices.

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