Decoding Olbermann’s Statement

Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici examines Keith Olbermann’s statement…

On the second and final night of his suspension from MSNBC, Keith Olbermann apologized to viewers for the actions that got him in dutch: to wit, donating $4,200 to three political candidates without clearing it ahead of time with the network.

Wait, make that “apologized.” Olberman’s statement is a classic “Sorry you got so bent out of shape after I ran over your dog” non-apology apology — not an acceptance of blame but a redirection of it. It has a secondary purpose as well: asserting what is, as I’ve pointed out, Olbermann’s now all but unchallengeable primacy over the network, and in particular over his bosses, MSNBC president Phil Griffin and NBC News chief Steve Capus.

3 Responses to “Decoding Olbermann’s Statement”

  1. Funny but not all that informative. His earlier story (linked to in the article under “as I’ve pointed out”) where he compares the KO/MSNBC flap to the Brett Favre/Minnesota Vikings situation is much more interesting analogy.

    Also check out these pieces for some yet to be discussed behind the scenes gossip.

  2. The second (2010/11/08) doesn’t go directly to the correct story. You can get to it by clicking on the “suspended Olbermann demands apology’ link at the bottom of the first story. Both stories have new realistic sounding inside info.

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