FNC Drops Strategy Room for Fox News Live

FNC has quietly dropped The Strategy Room name from its online live video offering. It’s now calling it Fox News Live. Even the old URL http://live.foxnews.com/strategy-room now redirects to http://live.foxnews.com/.


5 Responses to “FNC Drops Strategy Room for Fox News Live”

  1. They’ve been really cutting back on the number of shows. They used to be 9-5 eastern now they are a lot less.

  2. LOL Fox News Live. That’s the new name?! Most people will think they will be watching regular FNC on their computer when they click on that.

    The whole thing goes back to FIM stinks! (FIM=Fox Interactive Media). They blew it w/ MySpace etc. They are clueless.

    Things didn’t even improve at the Strategy Room after Straka left to go do his little “Fighting Words” show on a channel that probably has less viewers than the Strategy Room- – HDNet. =)

    Just think, last year streaming from 9 to 5 and they only had 25,000 people tune in all day. And that includes people who only tuned in for a few minutes.

    The topper was their ineptitude of not being able to convert the stream and post it to be available as VOD. Of course this is FIM in action here =).

    Each show should have been broken up in segments with descriptions and made available to people to watch at their leisure.

    Like people can just watch a whole hour show at work! ha ha With the sound cranked.

    But that’s what you’d have to do.

  3. I actually think they call it “Fox News.com Live.”

  4. We always assumed Strategy Room was largely for personnel who couldn’t be put on TV for whatever reason, but they didn’t want (or weren’t able) to just dump from the payroll.

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