Press Releases: 11/10/10

CNN (1)

Candy Crowley to Interview President George W. Bush, Jeb Bush for One-Hour Special

President George W. Bush will sit down with CNN anchor and chief political correspondent Candy Crowley in
one of the few interviews he has granted since leaving the White House. Bush: Two Years Later: A Special Edition of State
of the Union with Candy Crowley will air during a one-hour prime time special on Sunday, Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

In December 2008, Crowley conducted one of President Bush’s last interviews before he left the White House.
She will check in with the former president two years later on the struggling U.S. economy, the ongoing wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan and his new book, “Decision Points.” Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will join his brother in the second
half of the interview to discuss their father, their upbringing and the current political landscape.

State of the Union with Candy Crowley airs Sundays at 9 a.m. and noon ET. This Sunday, Nov. 14, correspondent
Joe Johns will act as substitute anchor during the regularly scheduled program while Crowley is on assignment in Miami
for the prime time special. Tom Bettag serves as the program’s senior executive producer.


2 Responses to “Press Releases: 11/10/10”

  1. Interesting choice for Bush to choose Crowley over Blitzer or even John or Larry King; although I suspect he will appear on Larry’s show eventually. Also it’s interesting that Jeb will be there for backup in case the questioning gets too intense; which is very unlikely with CC.

    I doubt you will see Bush take a chance on Anderson Cooper and for sure there’s no way he would go anyway near Fareed Zakaria who is the only one at CNN who really has the chops to give him a fair test. That’s an interview I’d pay to see.

    Over at MSNBC I expect you may see him eventually do Morning Joe and maybe Todd or Jansing. I can’t imagine he would brave facing LOD or especially Maddow. The others (including KO) would just not be considered and I wouldn’t want to see them.

    At FNC he’ll do every show but Shep’s who is the only one over there; except possibly Billo (yes I said Billo) who might challenge him at all. I expect Hannity & Greta to get the most time.

    Hell he didn’t even do 60 Minutes. A real profile in courage.

  2. does anybody care what bush has to say. why don’t he just fly off in the sunset

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