Blind Item Time…Sorta…

Chickaboomer has a transcript snippet from today’s Reliable Sources on CNN where Mark McKinnon teased about something that occurred during a break on MSNBC…

MCKINNON: I was on that network with one of the hosts, and we went to a break and they said, could you cut the bipartisan crap and just give us some red meat? So, you know, listen, it’s all about ratings. And, you know, lean forward should probably lean leftward. And let’s just tell it like it is, news is news and opinion is opinion, which I think is fine. Let’s have some editorial opinion, but call it what it is.

KURTZ: Were you offended by being asked to cut the bipartisan crap?

MCKINNON: I wasn’t surprised.

KURTZ: Did you change what you were saying? Did you change your tone?

MCKINNON: No, I didn’t change a thing. I’m going to keep fighting for the middle and for dialogue that I think the vast middle of America really wants to hear.

KURTZ: Mark, of course, a former Democrat. Do you want to tell us who it was that said that?

MCKINNON: I don’t.

There are ways to try to figure this mystery out. All someone has to do is use TV Eyes to look at Mark McKinnon’s recent appearances on MSNBC, probably within the past month or so. It’ll probably generate hits on multiple programs though so it likely won’t be conclusive…


6 Responses to “Blind Item Time…Sorta…”

  1. McKinnon is on MJ and Hardball often. I don’t think Mika and Joe would say something like that, but Matthews would.

  2. It’s also not clear that McKinnon was referring to the show’s host or a producer.

  3. What we have here is a guessing game. Even a conclusion is, in reality, a guess. No need to proceed until, and unless, someone fesses up.

  4. McKinnon’s wording is suspicious. I could see Matthews complaining about the stock phrases Mark tends to use, but I don’t see anybody asking him for “red meat”. Everybody knows he’s a centrist..they wouldn’t expect that from him.

  5. It wasn’t a quote so “red meat” could simply be McKinnon’s word for what was asked of him. And from that limited information about the exchange, for all we know it was intended as a joke and McKinnon was particularly humourless that day.

  6. It just supports what we already know about MSNBC.
    Pretty sad!

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