What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/14/10

What’s Hot:

Keith Olbermann returns to Countdown– Olbermann returned from his suspension but not before issuing a personal statement on his suspension which both thanked his supporters but also threw a few darts at MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, and NBC’s policies. When it came time for Olbermann to go on the air and address the suspension, naturally the darts were missing.

Rachel Maddow Interviews Jon Stewart – Thursday Maddow had Jon Stewart on for the full hour and it was a lively interesting discussion with both sides pressing their issues and neither really backing down. Nothing was settled but for me personally I did get a better understanding of where Stewart is coming from.

Lou Dobbs joins FBN – Dobbs ended speculation that he’d get into politics by signing a deal with FBN to host a program in early 2011.

Ted Koppel vs. Everyone in national TV News and Cable News – Ted Koppel penned an Op Ed in the Washington Post which ruffled the feathers of quite a few people.

Mario Cuomo vs. Eliot Spitzer – In an article on Larry King in the LA Times, it was revealed that King wanted Cuomo on the air for his last show because he was his first guest when his show launched. But Cuomo balked because of things Eliot Spitzer had said about his son Andrew Cuomo.

George Bush – Bush was all over the news this week in conjunction with his book release.

What’s Not:

Stu Bykofsky – The Philidelphia Daily News reporter got had by Tucker Carlson using a fake email account and impersonating Keith Olbermann. Carlson got Bykofsky to get into an email spat thinking he was dealing with the real Olbermann.

Page Six – Page Six tried to make a lot of hay out of John King getting upset over the way things weren’t working during one of his shows. It appears that Page Six overly embellished the story because both King and CNN came out with major on the record denials concerning significant portions of the article.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a rocket, it’s a missle…no wait…it really was a plane – Cable news went ape over some video that some thought may have been a missle launch near Los Angeles. Turns out it was most likely a plane’s contrail. Special notice goes to TV Newser’s Alex Weprin for really nailing the networks for going bezerk over this non-story. It’s the second time the nets went crazy recently over some misleading video. A month ago it was a United Airlines 747 flyby in San Francisco as part of Fleet Week that had the networks in a tizzy. I was there and saw it when it happened and knew it was nothing.

4 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/14/10”

  1. -Tucker.. that dumb (rhymes with “Tucker”)-

    I’m always good for a funny practical joke, and Lord knows I’ve gone way overboard with those a few too many times. But this seems so pathetically juvenile to me. And dishonest.

  2. That flying object was made news because it occured in either LA or NYC. If it had occured in SE New Mexico, noone whould ever have known, save a few ranchers and some cattle.

  3. Has Bush always had that spot above his left eyebrow? Hadn’t noticed it before.

  4. If it had occured in SE New Mexico

    If it occurred in SE New Mexico the cable nets would have gone even more bezerk. The fact that it occurred next to such a populated area like LA is actually a reason to believe it wasn’t a missle.

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