What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/21/10

What’s Hot:

Joe Scarborough – Scarborough revealed that he had made campaign contributions without getting clearance and was immediately suspended for two days by Phil Griffin.

Nazis – Roger Ailes accused NPR of being Nazis in an interview with Howard Kurtz. Ailes ended up apologizing for those remarks…to the ADL.

Howard Kurtz – Kurtz had two must read articles this week. The first was a tick tock inside the Olbermann suspension and the second was the Ailes interview.

Megyn Kelly’s GQ Spread – Hot, hot, hot. In a gratuitously non-sequitur kind of way…

What’s Not:

Jimmie Johnson five-peats – Someone PLEASE stop this guy next year!

Huffington Post spikes ANOTHER article critical of Keith Olbermann – Somewhere Rachel Sklar is rolling her eyes…


7 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/21/10”

  1. I think you should have included Scarborough’s apology in that first hot. With the mass of self-centred egos that pervade all of cable news, the manner in which he accepted responsibility for this transgression is, unfortunately, noteworthy.

  2. Via J$, here is the spikes Olbermann article:


    What’s funny is that he talks about “The Doctrine of Relative Filth” as a rational for why the left puts up with Olbermann’s poor journalism. But, absolutely missing that point, are the few remaining comments on HuffPo… which do exactly that, in an effort to attack the author and defend Olbermann!

    As Chris Mathews would say (if this involved someone else), “HA!”

  3. Ugh..Jimmie Johnson and Crew Chief Chad Knaus have NASCAR sorted. You have to give it to them for learning the game and making it impossible for anyone else to break them, but..ENOUGH ALREADY. I’m about ready to watch soccer. That can’t be good..

  4. ^It isn’t.

  5. ^ Although, it’d be one step closer to a real sport…


  6. Joe, In my view the two big reasons why NASCAR is suffering (TV ratings, ticket sales) are Jimmie Johnson keeps winning, and Toyota got into NASCAR. People I know didn’t like it when Toyota got into NASCAR.

  7. ^ Agreed, Josh, and I’m in that camp about Toyota. Indycar – the other major US-based race series – has always had (in the last 30 years) more of an international flavor, with events in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia..and Korea in the works. Honda and sometimes Toyota have been involved for a long time, and that’s fine.

    But NASCAR has always been a domestic series, with right now one event in Canada, a country that assembles a lot of American cars. Letting Toyota in was a big mistake, and it’s going to get worse if Honda shows up. Do you want to see a battle between a Camry and an Accord? Me, neither.

    Another Toyota-related problem is Kyle Busch winning all the time in all three divisions. He’s the most talented jerk I’ve ever seen. Just as with Jimmie Johnson for different reasons..I respect his gift, but it gets on my nerves.

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