Free for All: 12/06/10

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  1. missy5537 Says:

    I’ve been sick all weekend and watched a lot of TV, including the John Lennon documentary on Fox and part of the one done by CNN. They were interesting, but the guy was a musician, and that’s it.

    I thought it was telling that Julian Lennon pretty much downplayed the anniversary, stating that it was time to “move on”. Good for him!

  2. ^ You’ve gotta feel a little sorry for Julian Lennon. Growing up hearing that his father was such a great and inspirational man, but having had had a poor relationship with him himself. He’s tried to be a singer, he’s tried to be an actor, and yet he stays in his father’s shadow.

    I have a feeling Julian really resents his father, and having to talk about him all the time.

  3. Hi Missy, I hope you’re feeling better today. I had it for two weeks. Super sucky.

    I don’t agree that Lennon was “just a musician” – he was a powerful social voice in the late-’60s/early-70s..enough so that Nixon tried to deport him – but I also agree with Julian that acknowledging the anniversary of his death has run its course. I watched the specials and heard all I’ll ever need to hear about Mark Chapman’s “little people” to last me a lifetime.

    Lennon’s death hit me hard, and still bothers me, but I would prefer to note his birthday from now on, and forget about the seriously ill moron who did so much damage.

    CNN’s show with Julian was ok. FNC’s had a cheesy Behind The Music vibe, with a 20-year-old clip of Yoko NewsCorp owns from A Current Affair. Weak.

  4. — FNC – Lennon —

    And was Bill Hemmer even born then?

  5. Oh goodie, the line today is going to be “Obama backs down”. Heard it on Morning Joe, now on Studio B. The man literally can’t do anything right. All Republicans, and many Democrats (including this one) wanted the tax cut expiration delayed for all wage earners. Dems wanted unemployment extended. It looks like we’re getting both. Not good for the long-term debt problem, but right now we have a short-term “shyteload of Americans out of work” problem. The President and the Congress are doing the right thing. Shut up.

  6. I agree about the tax deal. The thing is, it’s liberals who are calling it a ‘cave’. They’re dead set and determined to raise taxes in a suck-@ss economy. I believe that that’s the basis for ‘Obama backs down’. Not that Dr J was suggesting otherwise.

  7. “Liberals” need to remember that lower taxes aren’t always a “problem”, and sometimes “deficits don’t matter” during a worldwide economic cataclysm. Obama got hammered in the midterms, and has to make smarter moves now than he did the first two years if he doesn’t want to face a President Huckabee in ’12. Somewhere Bill Clinton and Dick Morris are murmuring, “There ya go..”

  8. Drudge is reporting that the Administration is – smartly I think – proposing a 2% reduction in payroll taxes as well.

    So, the President agrees to extend the Bush cuts to the wealthy and proposes a payroll reduction. Can we now do away with this “he’s a Marxist/socialist” nonsense?

    No socialist – Bernie Sanders anyone? would agree to such measures.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Does anyone know anyone who actually needs the extended unemployment benefits? I could use them myself, but have been out of work so long (mom issues) that I no longer qualify.

    But the two people I know who do qualify, they use the money for their personal trainers, payments to salons for manicures, highlights, styling, etc. or at the casinos on gambling. This is disgusting and I wish they’d means test a benefit before giving it away like they do now.

    Of the two aforementioned scoundrels, one is retired and will clearly never work again, and the other is happily sitting out the job search while she collects $ and lives high on the hog. God only knows how many more people are in such situations.

  10. missy5537 Says:

    Lots of grammatical errors, above. But I am sick and the cough medicine has taken its toll on my writing abilities.

  11. A few jerkfaces sitting on their arses does not change the fact that people pay for unemployment insurance; need it; and it helps retail business that they have it.

  12. I feel sorry for Julian Lennon. He was left out of his father’s will and there were years when they never spoke. Julian said he was closer to Paul growing up than he was to his father. Paul wrote “Hey, Jude” to Julian, hoping it would console him after his parents’ divorce. It was originally titled “Hey, Jules” but Paul felt Jude was easier to sing. Julian says he is still friendly with Paul and receives a birthday card from him every year.

  13. …can’t wait for Krugman’s next column…

    These people – on both sides – that seem to be more interested in defeating the other side than in passing good policies for the country are just amazing sometimes.

    The late Daniel Moynihan called it “the iron law of emulation.” That is, groups in opposition to one another over time begin to resemble one another in their tactics and approach.

    Got that right, Senator.

  14. missy5537 Says:

    carol, interesting re: Julian Lennon – I did not know that.

    But it is telling – so many of us idolize those in the public eye, when they are not that great to members of their own family. There may be reasons, of course, but in the case of a child, I don’t see how that’s possible.

  15. Missy, the less you know about John Lennon’s efforts at early fatherhood, the better. Put it this way: there isn’t much to know.

  16. Be careful what you pray for. After calling Obama a socialist tax-raiser for two years, he’s given the Republicans the complete Bush tax cut extension they wanted, while giving the Dems the unemployment extension they wanted (if this passes). Not good for the debt, but – as I said earlier – we’re going to have to get back to that after the recession is over.

    Right now, this makes Obama a cut-taxes-and-spend politician..just like Bush. The Republicans just handed him a free ride to a second term. Any chance of those cuts expiring is done until after the election now. “I’m Barack Obama, and everybody got to keep their money.” Oops.

  17. The Republicans now own at least half of the economy. Clintonian triangulation at it’s best (which drove the rightwing and leftwing crazy).

    The Comeback Kid Redux.

    Long way to go, but it’s a start.

    Just keep the interns out of the Oval Office.

  18. MSNBC is in full “he abandoned the left” mode. My “switching over to Fox” time is still 45 minutes away. I can’t wait to hear how Hannity is disgusted with the President for extending unemployment benefits..

  19. Barack Obama’s presidency – and his chances of being re-elected – now largely hinge on the effectiveness of conservative economic and tax policies.

    He’ll now be spending the next two years fighting off his leftwing base.

    Someone saying that two years ago would have been locked up.

    Remove all sharp objects from Paul Krugman’s reach.

  20. President Obama’s current problem is with his own party, not the Repubs. That’s why his announcement this afternoon was so pointed and accusatory toward Republicans. Yes, he caved. But doing so may turn out to be the thing that gets him re-elected.

    The House controls the purse strings so it’s on the Republican majority in that body to get control of the budget. Let the screaming begin.

  21. “His leftwing base” was a bunch of dreamers that returned to their non-voting ways after he was revealed to be mortal. All those lefties bellowing about how he’s “abandoned the progressives” should ask themselves how he felt last month. The word “shellacking” comes to mind. You wanna leftwing nation, my fellow libs? Put down your hash pipe and VOTE for it.

  22. Bongs or ballots? Conundrum.

  23. According to the exit polls, his shellacking was delivered by traditional swing voters who realised he wasn’t the post-partisan moderate he portrayed himself to be during the general election two years ago. And he is a socialist – note the lower-case “s” – but he’s also not dumb.

  24. Since there really aren’t enough ‘Progressive’/liberal voters to swing an election one way or the other.

  25. ^ There’s more than enough around to irritate the p!$$ out of you, though.

  26. ^ Word.

  27. ^ Oh hush.

  28. Guilty much?

  29. And he is a socialist – note the lower-case “s” – but he’s also not dumb.

    Al, in my mind a socialist doesn’t make this type of deal. They can’t ideologically. Look at the reaction of a real socialist, Bernie Sanders. Or Krugman, not a socialist but certainly a statist economically. They’re outraged by the agreement.

    Unless by socialist you mean a type of European-style, large welfare state statist. E.g., France, Germany.


    What’s amazing to me is that the Administration apparently didn’t even consult with the Democratic leadership over this. They were frozen out.

    Talk about tossing your party under the bus.

  30. -Unless by socialist you mean…-

    A socialist who is POTUS would make this type of deal when his back is against the wall. President Obama’s capitulation and subsequent statement yesterday were entirely driven by political necessity. First, he didn’t have the votes in the senate to get his economic policy advanced and, second, he really needs to get the economy and jobs growing if he wants to maintain a realistic option of running for a second term. His “every economist will tell you” portion yesterday was a half-truth, and he’s not stupid.

    A true socialist believes in common ownership of wealth-producing ventures. That’s not possible under our constitution so they promote wealth redistribution through tax policies, instead. And “socialism” is not a bad word; it is a legitimate philosophy that has its good and bad points as do all of the “isms”.

  31. …so they promote wealth redistribution through tax policies, instead.

    Yes, but we have a “mixed economy” in the US. That is, aspects of pure capitalism along with aspects of socialism. We’re neither all one or all the other. And because we have some socialistic policies, i.e., redistributionist ones, that doesn’t make us a socialist economy anymore than Fidel Castro allowing some private markets makes him a capitalist. It’s all degree.

    Note: Milton Friedman created the “negative income tax” which redistributes wealth to low income tax payers (in fact, as I understand it, it increases under this agreement).

    Socialistic? Yes but Friedman was hardly a socialist.

    Obama embracing non-socialistic policies (whether freely or because of the political environment) – and these were significant one – make him, at the very least, a non-socialist.

    Sorry, I’m mostly repeating myself.

  32. Correct, we do have a mixed economy and most conservatives and liberals believe this is both proper and necessary. I believe you are incorrect to characterise the president’s statement yesterday afternoon as “embracing”.

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