Press Releases: 12/06/10



NEW YORK—December 6, 2010—MSNBC’s “The Dylan Ratigan Show” and Nucor Corporation are partnering to create an innovative road show titled “Steel on Wheels,” aiming to bring forth solutions to the most pressing problems facing the American people. The “Steel on Wheels” tour will focus on four major themes: The Spirit Of America, Innovation, The Building Of Our Nation, and The Future Of America’s New Generations.

The “Steel on Wheels” bus, furnished by Trailways Transportation System, will hit the road for three days a month in December, January, February and March, traveling across the country to engage with Americans as they face the economy, determine the nation’s position in the world, and tackle the most important question of all—how do we get out of the mess we’re in?

The first leg of “Steel on Wheels” will stop in Seneca Falls, NY, the birthplace of women’s suffrage and the inspiration for the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” followed by Philadelphia, the city of our Founding Fathers, and finally in St. Louis, the gateway to the frontier that first made America great. Those shows will take place on December 15-17.

January 26-28, “Steel on Wheels” will focus on innovation, featuring specific, efficient ways to solve America’s problems, including the widespread lack of access to healthcare, education, and jobs. February 23-25 will focus on the rebuilding of America, and March 23-25 will focus on the new generation of Americans and the future of our nation. Although dates are fixed, locations are pending at this time.

In addition to the live shows, “Steel on Wheels” will conduct town hall events at several of their stops, the first of which will take place at the University of Rochester on December 15.

“Dylan is incredibly passionate about fixing our nation’s problems, including the hemorrhaging of jobs, and getting Americans back to work,” said Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Nucor to help move the country forward.”

Said Dan DiMicco, Chairman and CEO of Nucor Corporation, “We are very excited about our partnership with ‘The Dylan Ratigan Show.’ We share with Dylan a deep concern about the state of the American economy and a belief that bold actions must be taken to spur economic growth and create jobs. This partnership will highlight the traits that make America great and how we can harness them to ensure America’s future prosperity.”

“I am committed to getting this country back on track for the benefit of all Americans, and ‘Steel on Wheels’ is the perfect vehicle to show how we can make that happen,” said Dylan Ratigan. “There is no better partner for this than Nucor and their visionary CEO Dan DiMicco, a man who is as dedicated to his own extraordinary employees as he is to helping get all of America working again.”

“The Dylan Ratigan Show” airs weekdays at 4 PM ET on MSNBC. Steve Friedman is Executive Producer.

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  1. I think that this concept could work out to be excellent.

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