Bloomberg TV’s Ambitions…

NPR’s David Foklenflik profiles Bloomberg TV’s increasing ambitions…

Gross says Bloomberg isn’t searching for a mass audience. Rather, it seeks to attract global thought leaders who are making decisions in the worlds of finance, government and business. In financial centers around the world, televisions at hotels and bars typically include feeds from CNBC or Bloomberg.

But right now, Bloomberg has so few American viewers that it doesn’t even pay Nielsen Media Research to estimate how many people are actually watching.

Historically, the television channel was simply treated as just another way to remind subscribers of the Bloomberg brand — almost as though it were a global billboard.

David Rhodes, the head of Bloomberg Television in the U.S., says the channel now has greater journalistic ambitions.

“Cable news punches above its weight when it comes to its influence,” says Rhodes, the former vice president for news at the Fox News Channel. “It would be hard not to conclude that from looking at the impact of cable news on media today.”

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