Free for All: 12/09/10

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16 Responses to “Free for All: 12/09/10”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    I’m not sure who’s crazier, Ted Turner or Jimma Carter. Ted wins today’s round:

  2. ^Yes indeed Ted Turner takes the cake today, although Jimmy never seems to disappoint.

  3. I don’t want to appear to be taking this seriously, but has he stopped to consider what the male-to-female ratio is in China, apropos of nothing? What would be the over-all effect of a majority-male population, environmentally, societally, etcetera? Because that’s exactly what you would have with such a policy, and I can’t imagine that he’s given it a split-second’s thought. That’s how it is with these would-be societal-engineers. The brilliance of the far-left never fails to astound.

  4. Have any of the cable news nets reported the Democratic-controlled House included in its final spending authorisation a block on closing Gitmo?

  5. ^ I heard that somewhere, Al. MSNBC, I think.

  6. Thank you. CNN & FOX on most of the day and didn’t hear it. I think it was too early when I was on the crazy floor that watches MSNBC. Hehe.

  7. Rachel Maddow is EARNEST and ANGRY and FIGHTING FOR WHAT’S RIGHT. What was cool about KO back in the day is he did his thing..but he was funny sometimes. Rachel used to be funny sometimes..

  8. There’s no humor in zeal. It’s a rule.

  9. Oops. LOD apologized to Alan Grayson. To Alan Grayson. On his show.

  10. I was about to mention that, JR. I thought that was very significant. LOD is very polite… what a good quality for a cable news host. 🙂

  11. ^ If he was polite, he wouldn’t beapologizing.

  12. Longer version: LOD freaks out..then has the decency to apologize. He may not have been polite yesterday, but apologizing today does qualify. Not that I agree with him. I don’t think he was rude last night. He was right. Grayson didn’t know his numbers, and Crazy Larry busted him for it.

  13. Rangel called O’Reilly ‘cute’. That HAS to be a first.

  14. ^ He is becoming disturbingly charming.

  15. Grayson didn’t know his numbers, and Crazy Larry busted him for it.

    So he was right? I guess all the hubbub is that he had to yell to make his point… Fox News style, no less. I’m assuming LOD was right on his point (forgive me, I don’t know too much about tax laws) because he is very knowledgeable on legislative matters. Then again, as a Congressman, so should Grayson. Who knows?

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