Geoff Cutmore Interview

News on News’ Kevin Coy interviews Squawk Box Europe’s Geoff Cutmore for its debut Media Ciritique series. The full interview is available in MP3 form here.

In the interview, Cutmore also explains how he was picked up by CNBC, and the chain of events that led to the mergers in Europe between CNBC and Eurpean Business News, and in Asia between CNBC and Asia Business News.

Geoff Cutmore on Joining CNBC in Europe;

“The way that my career started with CNBC, I was picked up by them in Hong Kong initially, that would be back in 1994-5, they came to Hong Kong to start up an asian operation. They also had a business in London at the time through Financial Times Televsion.

“FT-TV produced the product, but CNBC in the US effectively took the content and then ultimately as the competing businesses decided that the pie wasn’t big enough yet in Asia or Europe to support two business television news entities, EBN merged with CNBC, or took most of the FT-TV people, and in Asia, Asia Business News(ABN) merged with CNBC Asia which I was on at the time, so that’s how we all ended up being CNBC in 1997.”

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