Ed Schultz Profile…

The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz profiles MSNBC’s Ed Schultz…

Schultz has little patience with those calling for greater civility. He savages his targets in a nightly “Psycho Talk” segment, calling Rush Limbaugh “the drugster,” Sarah Palin “Caribou Barbie,” and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a “fat slob.” Rather than merely attack their ideology, Schultz says things like: “C’mon, Rush! Let’s get it on!… Get away from your drugs. Go see the doctor and get some hearing. Maybe you could pick up a 19th girlfriend. Maybe you could try marriage again.” He has even said Limbaugh looks like Hitler.

Turns out the Rush grudge is personal. After the Today show did a story on him in 2004, Schultz recalls Limbaugh dismissing him as a $4-an-hour Fargo guy who would never make it. But in constantly carping on Limbaugh’s past addiction to painkillers, Schultz can sound as intolerant as any opponent.

“There are times I tell him he goes over the top and that TV is different than radio,” Griffin acknowledges. “A couple of times he’s crossed the line. I said, ‘Ed, you ran down the field 100 yards and you spiked the ball. Don’t spike the ball!’”

8 Responses to “Ed Schultz Profile…”

  1. Ed is simply in need of some discipline. One can kind of tell by the way he begins the program with his rant. If Ed is out-of-control at the opening, it is best to turn the channel.

  2. — can sound as intolerant as any opponent. —

    Liberals are every bit as ‘intolerant’ as anyone they oppose. Only in the liberal mind is there any difference between the two. And please find me the example of where Rush called someone a ‘drug addict’ seven or eight years after rehab. Four dollars an hour is generous.

  3. The angry left.

  4. Yea the Rush druggie bit wore out it’s welcome as a tool to use against him about 4yrs ago and it wasn’t funny then either(plus it didn’t work as Rush is as successful as ever).

    Ed is just bitter that he failed as the Liberal counter to Rush that’s way he and AL Sharpton are teaming with the FCC to go after Rush in hopes of bringing back the so called “Fairness Doctrine”to silence Rush.

  5. It’s silly of Kurtz to minimize Ed’s distaste fot Rush as “personal”. Rush Limbaugh is a race-baiting liar, and Ed knows it. I think “the drugster” is an unfair phrase, but Ed’s hate for Rush is genuine, and earned. And it’s not just because of a silly comment he made six years ago.

  6. I love when libs like Griffin grudgingly admit that the unhinged whackjob is .. an unhinged whackjob. But only occasionally. Keep workin’ on it.

  7. Tonight, I thought that Ed was disciplined and presented a strong program. Good for him.

  8. I’ve seen him do breaking news, and he was pretty good. Balloon-boy, if memory serves.

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