Branding Run Amok: #1,011

CNBC put out a head scratching press release this morning…


“60 Minutes on CNBC” will premiere on Wednesday, January 5th at 10pm, and will repeat that evening at 1am.

The remaining episodes (20 in total) will air on Tuesdays at 10pm and 1am. The prior week’s show will air at 9pm/12am on Tuesdays.

“60 Minutes on CNBC” is the best business stories from one of the most honored news programs in television history. The series takes you a step further into hard hitting investigative reports, interviews, profiles, and features stories that have made “60 Minutes” required viewing for millions. CNBC brings you the latest on these classic stories with updates and never before-seen-footage of these award winning business news stories.

Way to screw your own side over CNBC. CBS News must be rolling on the floor with laughter that it managed to pull this off at the expense of NBC News. It’s akin to sticking out a big middle finger to everyone at Dateline. CBS gets free advertising on a competitor’s sister channel. NBC News gets to suffer the ignominy that its own documentaries and specials were passed over for a rival news division’s. This had to have been signed off on by Jeff Zucker which makes this all the more bizarre. I know Zucker loves docs but those are usually his own empire’s docs…not a rival’s. What the hell happened to that synergy thing Jeff?

3 Responses to “Branding Run Amok: #1,011”

  1. Great ad for CBS! What are these people at CNBC thinking? Maybe they aren’t.

  2. “It’s akin to sticking out a big middle finger to everyone at Dateline.”

    Unless there’s a crime involved Dateline was unlikely to have done a business story.

    I don’t think this is a real big deal. Yeah, Dateline honchos may get a bit PO’d but if the ‘updates’ & ‘never before seen footage’ are good the shows may make for pretty good TV.

  3. Zucker is a moron… that’s why they’re canning him when Comcast takes over. He literally has no original ideas and just throws things against a Velcro wall hoping they stick. Everything decided by him in the last 5-10 years has basically flopped. After the Tonight Show debacle, his reputation dropped like a rock.

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