Press Releases: 12/22/10

CNN (1)

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Hosts Primetime Special on Leading During Troubled Times on Sunday, Dec. 26

In these times of crisis, America needs leaders who are not just good, but great. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviews titans in business, government, and academia for insights on power, persuasion, command, and decision making. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, corporate turnaround king Lou Gerstner, Yale University president and economist Rick Levin, and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman talk to Zakaria about how to lead, and what qualities it takes to do it right.

How to Lead – A Special Edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS debuts Sunday, Dec. 26 on CNN/U.S. at 8:00pm ET and PT. The special airs at 8:00am ET on Sunday, Jan. 2 on CNN International.

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  1. This is certainly a must see. Fareed is outstanding.

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