David Shuster Interview…

The Cutline’s Michael Calderone interviews Shuster, post MSNBC…

“I accepted full-time job in journalism starting after the first of the year,” Shuster said, while adding that he can’t get into “the details until the thing is ready to go.”

But he’s not headed to CNN or a rival news network. Shuster said he’s working on a new venture that he believes “will have a huge impact on political journalism.”

4 Responses to “David Shuster Interview…”

  1. “…a huge impact on political journalism”….?

    When did Shyster become a journalist? He certainly hasn’t practiced journalism of any kind in the last several years.

    Good for him in trying to branch out into a new field, though.

  2. It’s the ‘Keith Olbermann’ School of Journalism. Don’t be stupid.

  3. whitneymuse Says:

    It is about time; don’t hold your breath, though. (drum roll)

  4. Seems that high impact job is a part time fill in Radio gig as Jim Bohannon’s pet boy.


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