Matthews vs. Scarborough: Update (sort of)…

While Chris Matthews was obviously just joshin around at Joe Scarborough’s expense when he “complained” about Scarborough being on the floor of the House of Representatives today, Scarborough accidentally gave Matthews more ammunition to razz him according to The Hill’s Christina Wilkie

Shortly after noon, former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.), the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” was spotted being scolded by Speaker’s Lobby security for talking on the phone too close to the entrance of the famed foyer. At the time, Scarborough was leaning against a door, but officially outside it.

While members of Congress are allowed to use their phones in the paneled hallway, members of the media are strictly forbidden from chatting on devices in the room.

As such, Scarborough was told to move across the hall to continue his conversation, which he did, relocating to a spot about five feet away.

10 Responses to “Matthews vs. Scarborough: Update (sort of)…”

  1. missy5537 Says:

    No one cares about these pinheads, so let’s pretend it’s O’Reilly and Dick Morris.

    God help us; what a disaster! Morris was on talking to O’Reilly, and the entire thing was the two of them talking over each other. Why does O’Reilly have the guy on if he won’t let him “opine”?

    These Fox hosts talking over their guests is getting infuriating. Even though I love their programs, Greta, BOR and Cavuto are really annoying at times.

  2. Missy, why does FNC have the slimey toe-sucker on at all? Dude is revolting.

  3. ^ I love it when she decides that no one cares about the topic, and just changes it. The Overlord might disagree, but what the hell.
    Dick Morris is revolting in every way possible. Surely a network that does Stepford-like makeovers on its women can find some way to make him less repulsive. I’m thinking CGI.

  4. I love it when she decides that no one cares about the topic, and just changes it.

    HA! Our Missy does do that, doesn’t she? I fell for it without even noticing. 😉

  5. Seen it before. Her item got more play than the actual topic. Of course, that could be partly our fault. Oopsie.

  6. missy5537 Says:

    I’m sorry Laura, and sorry to the Overlord as well. I almost did the same thing with the Rick Sanchez thread yesterday (another post on which no one cared to comment!).

    I went here because the today’s “free for all” was already “way down the totem pole”, and I didn’t think anyone would see what I was whining about!

  7. Oh, like I’m gonna play hall-monitor? Apologize for nothing.

  8. Overlord? Ah, The Kingdom of ICN… His Royal Hiney.

  9. King of all he surveys. Such as it is.

  10. […] Matthews was poking fun at colleague Joe Scarborough wondering around the House floor yesterday at approx […]

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