Nancy Grace Re-Signs with HLN after Flirting With FBN…

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin writes that Nancy Grace re-signed with HLN. But the interesting part of the story was that Grace was talking with FBN.

Grace has a number of friends at Fox News, and has appeared on the network on a few occasions in recent years to promote her other projects. FBN is also home to another legal show, Andrew Napolitano‘s “Freedom Watch.”

My mind reels at the thought of Grace and her business journalism pedigree, or lack thereof, on FBN…


10 Responses to “Nancy Grace Re-Signs with HLN after Flirting With FBN…”

  1. Nancy Grace diluted the Headline News brand. She would have destroyed the Fox Business brand.

    I don’t have a problem with FBN having a non-business prime time, but Nancy Grace would have been a terrible choice. Lou Dobbs has a business background, so he makes sense to put on prime time. Grace would have been a disGrace.

  2. Once you bring on Imus it’s not too big a leap to get Grace unfortunately…

  3. I wouldn’t mind FBN giving Imus the morning slot, if he didn’t also cut into the 9 am hour. Since when does a show end at 9:20? It wouldn’t look quite as bad if Varney’s show started at 9.

  4. What is with Fox and its obsession of these arrogant and loud lawyers? Anyway… Grace certainly wouldn’t work at FBN, because last time I checked, that’s supposed to be a BUSINESS channel.

    I really don’t know what direction they are trying to go, but it’s not business. Then again, with that trend, maybe Grace would work there to make them less business-oriented, and just attracting mindless niche viewers.

  5. FBN isn’t a business channel. It’s a pro-business channel shouting FREE MARKETS! and NO REGS! Boring.

  6. michellefrommadison Says:

    If, or when, Nancy Grace is a part in causing the death of another victim she may telephone again someday like she has already done, will HLN keep her on board?

    Nancy has the current cost of killing someone at two hundred thousand dollars, at least according to CNN. I believe that amount is ridiculously low.

  7. harry1420 Says:

    isn’t fbn headed towards a non business format anyway. sure not getting enough viewers with its so called biz news these days

  8. How do you know? It’s not rated by Nielsen yet…

  9. ^ And by the time it is, it’ll be Don Imus, Cavuto, and reruns of American Idol. Useless.

  10. michellefrommadison Says:

    Not so sure any other network would even take her because she’s far too costly to the network for all the lawsuits settled against her (14 just last year) plus her mandated drug therapy and rehab “consultations” on a routine basis.

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