Why John Roberts Joined FNC…

TVNewser’s Gail Shister writes about the reason John Roberts bolted to FNC…

That question has been buzzing in media circles since it was revealed Monday that Roberts — headed to Atlanta as CNN’s senior national correspondent — would be doing the same job in the same city for rival Fox News. He debuts next week.

While many assume it was all about the Benjamins, industry insiders say Fox and CNN offered comparable salaries and time frames for contracts (three years.)

13 Responses to “Why John Roberts Joined FNC…”

  1. I see..Roger Ailes is “brilliant”, and CNN is “disloyal”. I knew Roberts was a douchebag. He responded to the ship he was sinking by chewing out his female cohost on air, but CNN was the problem. Right. I never liked the guy. I was right all along.

  2. The article does say that Ailes is “brilliant” but it does not say that CNN is “disloyal”. It says that Roberts got booted from American Morning. So he wants to be on a winning team. I think most people like to be on a winning team. You can only be around folks whose morale is so low for so long before it starts to affect you personally. So, he wants to be in a better place for himself both literally and figuratively as he moves forward in his personal life. I say good for him.

    The most interesting part of this is exactly what he will be doing for Fox and how they use someone with so many years of experience. I don’t know how well respected he is in “business”.

  3. Ya know, if I actually got paid to cover cable news.. I’d probably have a couple questions along these lines:

    1) Did FNC specifically create the Atlanta based National Correspondent position for JR?

    2) Will JR be using a WAGA crew in the field?

    3) Will FNC cover more Southeast based stories now?

    4) How do the other correspondents feel about JR leapfrogging in the door?

  4. That read like a press release from FNC.

  5. chipsohio Says:

    Joe…as Pam accurately stated above, most people like to play for a winner.

    If I’m a long-time pit member for Tony Stewart (or any other Nascar driver) and I have an opportunity to be a pit member for Jimmy Johnson, many would make the switch.

    I see no differrence between John Roberts and any other person who wants to be on a winner. Unfortunately, CNN is not considered to be a “winner”.

  6. As y’all may have noticed, I didn’t criticize Roberts for jumping. I criticized him for calling a right-wing hack who is destroying the American press “brilliant”, and for being mean to a woman on air.

    As I said before – and this backs up why I wouldn’t bash Roberts for his choice – I think Roberts got the better end of the deal. From where I’m sitting, FNC is creating a position it doesn’t need for a “name” that doesn’t resonate with most people, so he can be close to a CNN employee. John Roberts wins.

  7. ‘Senior national correspondent’ was the position Roberts held at CNN before he got shuttled to the morning show. Several FNCers are billed as ‘national correspondent’ (Catherine Herridge, Phil Keating, Steve Centanni, etc) but I don’t remember anyone getting the ‘senior’ appellation before now.

  8. harry1420 Says:

    yea forget about seniority. ..huh. fox would be the last place on earth id want to work.

  9. What?!? You think broadcast television hires and promotes based on seniority? Yikes!

  10. No but it tends to fire based on seniority…the closer you get to being a senior citizen, especially if you’re a woman, the closer you are to losing your job…

  11. Seems quite a few seasoned television news journalists agree Roger Ailes to be brilliant. I think it’s fantastic that Mr. Roberts intends to remain devoted to straight news reporting, too. And I wonder if any serious consideration was given to joining MSNBC.

  12. Roberts to MSNBC would be seen by him to be a demotion…

  13. ^ I figured someone would say that. Didn’t expect it to be The Great and Powerful Spud, however. And I’m sure you’re right.

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