CNNI “Freedom Project” Revealed…Sort of…

After seeing the graphic tease for CNNI’s Freedom Project I asked CNN what it was all about. This is the response I got from a CNN spokesperson…

It’s an exciting new project that will focus on ending modern-day slavery around the world. This year CNN International is going to be devoting extensive time, resources and content to a new initiative based on this plight. More details will be shared in the weeks to come.

Related: CNN Observations has noticed that CNNI Anchor Kirstie Lu Stout is working on this probject…

This looks to be the most ambitious thing CNN Worldwide has ever attempted to tackle. It’ll certainly be the biggest thing since Planet in Peril and Fit Nation. In days gone by one would see someone like Christiane Amanpour front something like this but she’s long gone now. So who might the face be? Anderson Cooper? Given that we haven’t seen anything on this on CNN Domestic yet, can we even assume Cooper’s involved in this project? Who at CNNI is a big enough presence to be the face of this?

2 Responses to “CNNI “Freedom Project” Revealed…Sort of…”

  1. whitneymuse Says:

    As in regulators of C02? Be careful I have my suspicions when they speak “Global” anything.

  2. dustinsoper Says:

    There’s Richard Quest, Becky Anderson, Michael Holmes, Hala Gorani – all big names on CNNI who could host. I would think one of those guys would host before Anderson Cooper hosts, unless it is going to be on CNN Domestic as well. I am thinking this is a CNN International-only initiative.

    CNN Observations

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