The Hazards of Live TV: #25,089

(via J$)

You know what? I’m not convinced that what sounds like what was said was really said. There’s a sound effect that occurs right at the end of the word “dip” that sort of muddies up the issue. It still sort of sounds like “dip” to me and not the other word. Unfortunately the audio quality is not the greatest in the world for a rip (too much treble, not enough bass…which would muffle the pronunciation of the letter “p” and could make it sound more like a “k” even with headphones on) So because it’s inconclusive for me, it’s provisional. And because it’s it’s provisional I’m going to have my first Hazards of Live TV poll question.

Update: It’s no longer provisional. This comment on TVNewser strongly points to the idea that Mika let one slip…

during the 8AM hour, when the Morning Joe crew referenced the event, Mika jokingly scolded Morning Joe producer Chris Licht for not using the 7 second delay


8 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,089”

  1. Um..yeah. Joe certainly thought so. What impresses me is that she just flowed right past it, ignoring the hysterical laughter to her left. Fred would definitely be impressed.

  2. […] at Inside Cable News isn’t so sure she said what it sounds like she said. But what do you […]

  3. Grandpa Dave Says:

    While I’m not to sure about “poised and polished”, I voted No. It definitely sounded like “dip”. Also, at that place in the sentence a verb is called for, not a noun.

  4. Mika did what all true professionals do when something “naughty” slips out.

    You just keep right on going as if nothing had happened. Breaking up, or going back and correcting it is the worst thing you can do because it just calls attention to it.

    If only the idiot next to her had enough professionalism to observe the correct and professional way of dealing with it.

    Then again, if he was more professional, we wouldn’t be having this debate and getting such a good laugh out of it.

  5. Tough as nails. 🙂

  6. It definitely sounded like a “k” at the end to me more than a “p”. Is that why they all burst into laughter?

  7. Good for Mika. And if anyone is offended by that momentary lapse, too bad.

  8. Believe me much worse than that has happened to the best people in this business. I don’t care much for Mika’s style or agree with her on many things, but she’s innocent on this one.

    Yes she did say the “D” word, but it was nothing more than a good old fashioned inadvertant blooper, pure and simple. Thanks to her sidekick’s unprofessional inability to maintain his composure, it’ll live forever in those TV’s Best Bloopers shows we see from time to time.

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