Arizona Shooting: Sunday Coverage Plans

Johnny Dollar notes that FNC has brought in its A Team in today to cover the shooting. MSNBC flew Chris Jansing out to Arizona overnight and she’s been doing hits for Alex Witt this morning. I would suppose this means Monday’s Jansing & Company will originate from Arizona otherwise flying her out for one day doesn’t make a lot of sense. On CNN Carol Costello was anchoring CNN Sunday Morning and it appears to be following the usual Sunday morning lineup (Dr. Gupta, State of The Union, Reliable Sources). The rest of today’s schedules for CNN and MSNBC are not known yet. If there are changes, I’ll post updates.

Update: CNN’s programming schedule is fluid at the moment. It will be airing CNN Newsroom during the day. Tonight, the only thing at airing the moment is a John King special at 9pm ET with King in DC and Jessica Yellin in Tuscon. But like I said, it’s fluid so that may change…

Update 2: MSNBC will extend live coverage until 2pm ET today. No word yet on who will be anchoring…

Update 3: TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that FNC will be doing special coverage tonight with Shepard Smith from 7-9pm ET, Bret Baier at 9pm ET, and Geraldo Rivera at 10pm ET.

62 Responses to “Arizona Shooting: Sunday Coverage Plans”

  1. Alex Witt had on the classmate who stated “He is a Leftist quite Liberal” and Witt didn’t question that statement.

    So now that the kid is identified as a Leftist we are going to get the oh never mind narrative he’s just nuts.

    The FBI is a little more hard nosed than that – This kids life is going to be gone through thoroughly including his internet habits. They are looking for one accomplice – they don’t know this isn’t a group.

    Why didn’t MSNBC put an anchor on last night instead of a commentator? A commentator who guest blogs for the Daily Kos.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    No way, laree… not the KOS. Didn’t they have up a very similar map to the one Palin has gotten heat for? Didn’t they also have posts “targeting” that district? Didn’t they also have a post up that said she was, “Dead to me,” because she didn’t vote with Pelosi?

    No… I’m sure they wouldn’t allow a commentator like that to spread his nonsense on such a serious topic… especially before any real evidence has been collected. Couldn’t be.

  3. My question is do the Networks have the A-team support staffs in to keep everything running smoothly? Sending Chris to Tucson only works if the NYC support does their job with professionalism. It isn’t just the superior work of Alex and Chris that makes this work.

  4. Josh Kaib Says:

    Blue, I’ve been looking for that Kos map online but I can’t find it. But I seem to recall Kos going after a number of Dems in a very harsh manner.

  5. imnotblue Says:

    I may have been mistaken when I said “KOS map.” I think it was produced by a different popular Democratic group, and reposted on Kos.

    I’d help you find the links, but Im on my phone and copy/paste is a little tough. But I’ll see what I can do.

  6. imnotblue Says:

    Here’s some of what I found, Josh:

    That should start you.

  7. Josh Kaib Says:

    thanks blue.

  8. Hope this hasn’t already been posted. Some well-thought commentary on gaming for political advantage.

    And it’s blocking links..again. Copy/paste if you care.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Laura, excellent commentary by Howard Kurtz, of all people. Thanks for the link!

  10. The Daily Kos ‘dead to me’ connections are ludicrous. ‘Dead to me’ is a common reference from people who have turned their backs on someone. There is nothing in that idiot’s piece that describes any kind of an attack on Giffords. It’s all about voting, which is what you’re supposed to do. Take your stupid connections and stuff ’em.

  11. Kurtz can’t have it both ways. He says “don’t blame Palin”, but “she shouldn’t have used crosshairs”. Which is it, Sparky? It’s, of course, ludicrous to directly blame Sarah Palin for the shooting, but I’m not aware of anyone outside of idiot blog commentors doing so.

    The issue is violent imagery in politics. If you “target a district”, that’s fine. If you “target” it with the crosshairs of a gun, and say “don’t retreat, reload”, you’ve bought yourself a deserved connection if someone gets shot.

  12. icemannyr Says:

    Thomas Roberts was on MSNBC for the 3pm ET hour. They went to regular taped programming at 4pm ET.

  13. He says “don’t blame Palin”, but “she shouldn’t have used crosshairs”.

    It clear to me that he’s saying “don’t blame Palin” for somehow causing or contributing to this murderer’s actions while also arguing that the imagery was too provocative.

    That’s two points I agree with completely.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that this murderer ever saw the poster/ad. Much less was somehow driven to act by it.

    This isn’t guilt by association; this is guilt by imagination.

  14. In any case, fairly or not whatever chances (however small) of Palin getting nominated, much less elected, are now gone.

    Kaput. Over. Gone.

  15. Palin used the crosshairs, and Giffords is on tape complaining about it. That’s the unfortunate connection Palin bought herself. She had been warned by people like myself about using gun imagery as a political tool.

  16. As Kurtz points out, the use of military language and violent metaphors has a long history in our politics.

    Kurtz’s point remains and I’ll repeat it until the accusations stop: there is not a shred of evidence linking this murderer and anything Palin has said or done.


    It’s rank McCarthyism and the people clamoring for a more civilized dialogue need to stop it.

  17. To buttress Kurtz’s point, check here: Targetting Republicans.

    That’s from the Democratic Leadership Committee.

    Note the language: “Behind Enemy Lines.”

  18. That’s as ridiculous a connection as ‘War Room’. I’m talking about direct references to guns and shooting. Period. Crosshairs, ‘reload’, and ‘Second Amendment remedies’ are a particularly right-wing pro-gun fixation, and this crap shouldn’t be used in political statements against an opponent.

    Sarah Palin is not responsible for this event, but she backed herself into a very unfortunate connection to it, and now she’s going to have to grow up and shut up.

  19. I’m talking about direct references to guns and shooting. Period. Crosshairs, ‘reload’, and ‘Second Amendment remedies’ are a particularly right-wing pro-gun fixation,

    That’s an entirely different matter. Anyone using direct references to using violence against officials is using completely unacceptable language. Period.

    Yes, I agree that some on the right have gone too far.

    But that is not what Palin did with that ad. Two different things and it’s incorrect to conflate them (which is what some of her critics – not you – are doing).

    As to Palin, as I said, her career is done. It’s over. She can’t recover from this on top of her other negatives. Fairly or not.

    I won’t lose any sleep over it even though it’s not entirely fair (or even entirely unfair).

  20. But that is not what Palin did with that ad. Two different things and it’s incorrect to conflate them (which is what some of her critics – not you – are doing).

    The conflation is on tape from Rep. Giffords. All you stupid Tea Party people shouting “revolution” and “reload” and “Second Amendment remedies” are stuck with it, now. Grow up and shut up.

  21. All you stupid Tea Party people shouting “revolution” and “reload” and “Second Amendment remedies” are stuck with it, now.

    As Kurtz pointed out….ah forget it, you’ve got your storyline and you’re sticking with it. Facts be damned.

  22. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, most of the Tea Party (99.9%) just want lower taxes and less government intervention.

    I don’t know what to make of Palin’s “future”, but it’s OK with me if she’s outta the race. If she did make it as the nominee, we’d lose at that point anyway.

    Let’s hope Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, Chris Christie or someone else becomes the candidate.

  23. This murderer was likely insane. From 2007 (way before Palin was know or the Tea Party existed) onward he was ranting against the government. Or grammar. Or some other nonsensical demon inside his head.

    To connect his acts with others is both incorrect and irresponsible. There is not a damned shred of evidence connecting him to Sarah Palin or the Tea Party. Nowhere in his rambling comments on the internet does he ever mention them.

    What we have on some part is a new pasttime: shaping apolitical tragedies into political talking points.

    It stinks and those doing it should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. Joe, most of the Tea Party (99.9%) just want lower taxes and less government intervention.

    Unfortunately, the 0.1 that get on TV treat the Democratic Party as a threat to the nation that must be stopped at the point of a gun, if necessary. Everybody on both sides needs to accept the results of elections, and get over it until the next one..then vote.

  25. Speaking of guns, Megyn did a gun control debate. Of course she had to throw in her pro-gun two cents: “Don’t you wish someone else there had had a gun?” Yeah, Megyn, having everyone around a Congresswoman carrying would’ve been great. I swear..

  26. The “second suspect” turned out to be some poor taxi cab driver who drove Loughner to the mall and was looking for his fare.

    Poor man. What a nightmare he is going through.

    Yes, nothing compared to the victims and families. But still….

  27. mlong5000 Says:

    Well the MSM and the Left finally got what they been hoping for 2yrs a shooting incident they on blame on Palin,Beck,FOX and the Tea Party not that this is any different from the other incidents where even though there was no proof of a connection they were guicky blamed…from the Cenus worker,IRS attack Fort Hood and so on the Left laid the blame at their footsteps only it didn’t stick because they weren’t involved.

    Now they got this one and they know this is as good as it’s going to get and even though the nut has no ties to the Tea Party and the others the MSM and the left are going to push hard the ideal that somehow they are behind this.

    The talking points we’ll hear all next week will be his shooting would not have happen if people didn’t start opposing Obama and the Dems starting at those Town Halls and leading to the forming of the Tea Party…BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THERE WAS NO DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN POLITICAL PARTIES BEFORE THE TEA PARTY….and no harsh words or imagery (like using targets on political opponents) have ever been used before in this county’s 200+ years history.

    Well the Right better not take this laying down….no time for Rhinos…they need to push back hard against this unseemly attempt to use this terrible incident by the Left and MSM to silence any opposing voices on the Right by tying them to the shootings.,,they need to tell them to go to hell and STFU when the Left and MSM start that line of attack.

  28. Perhaps all conservatives should convert to Islam.

    Then the next time a tragedy happens the press and liberals will bend over backwards not to make any connections between the perpetrator and the right.

    Okay, so Jon Stewart I’m not.

  29. ^Of course, Fox news would be making the connection.

    There, top that one Stewart.

  30. Cenus worker,IRS attack Fort Hood

    The Census worker staged his suicide as a right-wing attack; no one in the MSM tagged the IRS guy and Fort Hood shooter as righties. You’re a liar.

  31. Clearly the shooter was a right-winger pretending to be a nutcase. /sarcasm

    The topic of gun control is popping up again. It could have been easily a bomb. This guy seemed very determined to kill people minding their own business.

  32. As long as the NRA resists limits on handgun ownership, we’ll be having this debate.

  33. Wow, that sure came out of nowhere! Shep was interviewing the lady that grabbed the gun magazine.

    She went into a semi-rant at the end about the right wing!

    I wouldn’t expect FNC to replay that interview in its entirety anytime soon. However, I’m sure ya might find it on their website, eh?

  34. missy5537 Says:

    terance, I heard her interview, she stated that she was not the hero, so I left the room. Too bad I missed the end of the interview. Or maybe not – I may have thrown something at the TV.

  35. mlong5000 Says:

    You’re a liar.

    No I’M Not..before the truth of those cases came out the Left started pointing fingers at Palin,FOX and the Tea Party just like their doing right now RIGHT IN FRONT OF US JOE AND YOU KNOW THAT’S WHAT GOING ON NOW AND THEN..only this time it’s going to stick a little more because the Left and the MSM are going to push it harder because they will never get a better chance…because too bad for them THOSE DAMN TEABAGGERS JUST HAVEN’T GONE INTO THE MURDER RAMPAGE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TOO….so this guy will have to do.

    But cheer up Joe it looks like you guys won the war….Palin and the Tea Party will now be linked to this by the MSM from now on(no matter what the truth is) so that should make you happy.

  36. I challenged you to find links to support your lies at the time, and you came up with squat. All you have is some douchebag bloggers, which is NOT news media. I doubt even THEY would have construed the massacre of soldiers as something a rightie would do. You’re a screeching liar with a ‘right wing victim’ complex.

  37. Btw, anyone know why Giffords official YouTube channel is following Classitup10? While I haven’t actually watched any of his videos, that seems to be the name of the assassin.

    I mean, the news channels have no problem showing his videos but this skips under their nose?

    Account hacking? Surely the boys and girls at the nets aren’t waiting on me to clue them in.

  38. Mlong is, as usual, a paranoid delusional. Their posting has so many ridiculous references to “left” and “MSM”, as if they are somehow interchangeable and working together to make this all the fault of the far-right, when there is no conclusive evidence of the left or right being involved. However, both sides are still blaming each other, as they always would. Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity will come out and blame the left, while Olbermann, Schultz and Maddow will blame the right. That’s how it works, and will always be.

    And, now all of a sudden, people like Mlong have this obsession to fight back against the RINO’s because they apparently did something wrong in not being far to the right conservative and pandering to an insane minority of the country that loves Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Fox News and uses their political rhetoric to rile them up. I’m truly sick of these people, because they are known for this kind of pathetic blame game right off the bat, and if someone on the left steps up to the plate to says they should stop this kind of language (like Olbermann eloquently did), they go crazy and claim this person blamed Beck, Palin, and O’Reilly for the actual shooting, even though it was their political rhetoric altogether that was hateful i.e. Tiller the Killer, etc. Olbermann never blamed them for the Giffords shooting, but the hateful rhetoric they spew has always been a problem, which was his central point.

    Johnny Dollar is already claiming that Olbermann blamed Beck, O’Reilly and Palin when he NEVER DID. The followers just eat that up like a big steak dinner.

  39. mlong5000 Says:

    “You’re a screeching liar with a ‘right wing victim’ complex.”

    Whatever Joe like I said you guys I surrender.

  40. “Us guys” didn’t get tagged with video of a future victim of an assassination attempt complaining about someone putting crosshairs on her and reloading. Sarah Palin owes Gabrielle Giffords an apology, but she got this revisionist crap instead from Palin’s camp. The Facebook posting, followed by a well-deserved comment by Jason Linkins of HuffPo:

    “We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights. It was simply cross-hairs like you’d see on maps,” said Rebecca Mansour on the Tammy Bruce radio show. Moreover, there was “nothing irresponsible” about the image, and to draw a line connecting Palin and Saturday’s shooting is “obscene” and “appalling.”

    Mansour called the crosshairs “surveyor marks.”

    Ha. Yes, “surveyors marks.” The whole country is familiar with those! VOTERS REALLY NEED TO TAKE A STAND AND “SURVEY” GABRIELLE GIFFORDS’ DISTRICT.

    Uhm, look. If you’re familiar with Rebecca Mansour, you know her to be a very minor figure — a pinhead fangirl who is rarely worth talking about and certainly isn’t contributing in any way to anyone’s intelligent or moral discourse. But this response from her is daffy. Surveyor’s marks. Okay, you must think I’m a fool. Like I said before, there is no bright and shining line between the above image and anyone getting shot, okay? The gunman didn’t seem to have the 2010 midterms, or these…”surveyor’s marks” in mind. Okay? We can say that. But did someone feel a twinge of moral responsibility just the same? YES, THEY EFFING DID. They pulled this image down off of the campaign website. YOU KNOW, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THESE ARE OBVIOUSLY JUST SURVEYOR’ S MARKS.

    You know, Rebecca, you should go with that instinct, next time. Just say, “We of course never intended for anyone to get shot and we’re pretty sure that we didn’t inspire this shooting. But we learned a lesson today about how the lines can blur. And we personally felt a shudder in our conscience when this happened. Despite the fact that we are not responsible, this event triggered a depth charge, somewhere near our guilt center. We’re not bad people, we didn’t do anything wrong, but we can still find ways to be better, and we will try to be better, so that next time this happens, there won’t be an image we have to remove from our website — LIKE THIS TIME, because a teeny sense of responsibility actually finally surfaced and cut through the overwhelming pride we possess that typically compels us to never ever admit we made any mistake ever and FORCED us to take it down. And yes, YOU KNOW US, our pride came back and won the day, making it possible for me to introduce most of America to the concept of ‘surveyors marks’ — YOU KNOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES. But for a second, when we took the image down, you saw a flash of it, that responsibility we’re supposed to maybe feel.

  41. missy5537 Says:

    I’ve heard a few non-political people talk about the shooting, and none of them have mentioned the Tea Party, “right wing”, etc. Hopefully it’s just us political types talking about this tonight.

    And with even Howard Kurtz and Richard Roeper stating that it was the shooter’s fault and no one else’s, maybe SOME sanity will prevail. Well that was short lived – I just see that Geraldo is on! I guess I’ll switch over to Hoarders or some other mindless program.

  42. missy5537 Says:

    And are you libs forgetting about Code Pink, Cindy Sheahan, all of the “Bush = Hitler”, “Bush is a murderer”, “Bush is stealing our civil rights”, etc. rhetoric of just a few years ago?

    If you keep this “blame the Tea Party” line going, I’m sure we can dig up a ton of incendiary rhetoric and visuals that we had to endure for the eight years of the Bush presidency. It was horrific, and much worse than anything Sarah Palin has come up with.

  43. missy5537 Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the Bush assasination movie! That was a real act of civility, wasn’t it?

  44. Missy, there’s a reason why I said both sides need to back off. It was bad with Bush, and Clinton before him.

  45. But I need to make a distiction that you guys constantly ignore. Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink are private-party rabble rousers. They’re not political or media figures. Bloggers aren’t either. If some fool on a computer uses gun imagery to go after a politician, it’s maybe an issue for the FBI, but makes little difference to me.

    I’ve lost count of how many times y’all have found some moron on Daily Kos saying something obscene, then tagging The Left with it. It’s the same crap Mlong dredges up every time he has a fit about the “MSM”.

    Sarah Palin is an ex-VP candidate; ex-Gov.; and is currently a powerful republican media figure hinting at running for President. Sharron Angle ran for Senate.

  46. Wow, that sure came out of nowhere! Shep was interviewing the lady that grabbed the gun magazine.

    She went into a semi-rant at the end about the right wing!

    She is politically involved enough to go to a Democratic Congresswoman’s public event, so it’s safe to say she’s already established a strong view of the Right. After watching people take bullets, and nearly getting one herself, she can rant all she wants.

  47. She’s politically involved enough to have the presence of mind to attempt to use a tragedy for political advantage. Bully for her.

  48. “Johnny Dollar is already claiming that Olbermann blamed Beck, O’Reilly and Palin when he NEVER DID.”

    Hey, if you’re going to lie about what I wrote, why not have the decency to do it on my site. At least that way people can see what I wrote and know the truth. Oh wait…maybe that’s why!

  49. I just love those sweet, honest, well-intended liberals.

  50. PS to ProgLib: Just quote my words where I ever said Olby blamed Beck, O’Reilly, and Palin for the shooting, as your post says. If I’m wrong and I did write that, I’ll apologize. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t write any such thing. Olby blamed them for rhetoric, for giving madmen oxygen, etc etc. I never said he blamed them for the shooting.

    Now if you’re wrong, will YOU apologize?

  51. This is an example of how the media is quite useless. While the investigators and doctors do things to help, the media and the pundits are trying to create problems. We could all help everyone by not making this into a blame the left/right game. If the media really wanted to help, talk about gun control, mental health, and etc. NOT whether the political climate caused this to happen since there is no link to this situation.
    It’s also disgusting how international media outlets are trying to make this political and playing the blame game. They know a lot of their audience don’t tune into American news. They take advantage of this to spread their own agenda. Thank God, these people are journalists and not investigators. Can you imagine if these “journalists” were investigators?

  52. I have a question. Do Americans elect their sheriffs? According to the politico link Laura gave, the sheriff was elected. If that’s actually the case, a neutral institution can quickly becomes partisan and possibly unreliable.

  53. That sheriff’s a real treasure. ”One party trying to block the other from making a better country”. But he’s not political. Perish the thought.

  54. Outsider, the sheriff lit that fuse shortly after the event. It’s not realistic to pretend he didn’t, and not talk about it. AZ. has been a very loud mess for a long time, Giffords was in a nasty election with a Tea Party candidate that held a rally at a shooting range, and she is on tape complaining about being in Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs”. That’s an awful lot to ignore once the sheriff has brought it up.

  55. ^ That’s a defense of the media, not support for the sheriff. I agree with him, but he should have saved it for a few days at least.

  56. Oh darn. You can’t modify ‘N@zi’ in an url. Perhaps I should tiny it.

  57. @laura: I’m not criticizing the sheriff to clarify things. I was aiming that at the system in general. I don’t see the point of electing every public position but that’s another issue. It’s a different system from what I’m used to. We don’t elect anyone but representatives to legislatures, well most of them but not all.
    @joe: That’s a good defense of the media but at this point, the political link is extremely weak and it would be best not to continue debate this link, it’s only polarizing an already politically polarized country.

  58. ^ Except it’s not ‘polarizing’ when they do it.

  59. The link isn’t weak. Giffords complained about being targeted with the crosshairs of a gun from that Tea Party idiot, Sarah Palin, who pulled her stupid ‘crosshairs’ map, then had a staffer spew some crap about ‘surveyor marks’. There’s loons out there that think their political opposition is The Enemy, and there’s politicians and media figures who preach armed revolution to them. I warned you about this.

  60. We can all put the blame card back in our pockets. (That goes out the the Right, Left, and some Jewish papers claiming Anti-Semitism..)

    Because low and behold it was the “devil” that made him do it!

    Maybe we can have a “war” on Satan. Oh wait. Guess we’d have to clean our own churches first, no?

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