CNN Graphics Overhaul…

CNN Observations noticed the new graphics CNN was using in its lower thirds this moring. Personally, I preferred the old look. It was cleaner and more simplified. This one takes up more raw real estate on the bottom of the TV which is something in cable news I’ve been railing against for some time now. As TVNewser’s Alex Weprin noted, the new package mimics FNC’s in that CNN now letterboxes the TV screen for SD broadcasts on 4:3 screens. That’s why the graphics now take up more space, because the network doesn’t have to worry about whether all the graphics fit on SD and restricts the graphics to that space to ensure they do. It can now make the graphics bigger and wider, taking up more of the screen. And more graphics is, of course, a bad thing…

9 Responses to “CNN Graphics Overhaul…”

  1. clindhartsen Says:

    To be honest, this really pushes CNN has being a “me too” in the graphics department.

    I mean, at least they could make the whole ticker white or black, and not just copy FOX by making it half color. At least they don’t make the entire lower third shout in ALL CAPS like FOX does, but this really lacks the uniqueness and clarity we had before. I mean, it was the lone escape on the networks, the information was there, but it wasn’t this distracting or just splattered on the screen.

    Really, I wouldn’t have minded them taking some cues from their Spanish network, but this is disappointing.

  2. clindhartsen Says:

    As a sideline, looking at the link, branding per program can be interesting, but CNN should really dump boxes if they are going to go back to a traditional lower third. It just appears clunky, the CNN/Live is a different height than the rest of the lower third, same with the left box (why’s it on the left?) for subject graphics.

    Ugh, so so agrivating. It was a cohesive look, now it’s just a mess. Come on CNN, if you’re gonna do this, let’s just redo all of it, not this half way game. Get rid of the boxes if you want to. Make the tumbler one color, and make ourself unique!

  3. harry1420 Says:

    they look sleek and modern to me. nice to the eyes.

  4. I like the new graphics it’s less annoying the eyes like the old ones were and has modern feel to them. It’s also good they went widescreen now don’t have to worry about cutting off stuff.

  5. clindhartsen Says:

    Looking at it again, if they at least reversed the placement of the logo and subject graphic, it would be better. Nothing ligns up in this look, nothing, and it’s just agrivating to look at and see that.

  6. Wow..that’s even worse than the last package I hated. Plus, they shrunk the screen on my old “normal” TV. Swell.

  7. I don’t see the point of having an entire box for the program’s name. If they have to have it, attach it to the logo like it used to be. Other than that, they’re fine in my opinion.

  8. icemannyr Says:

    I never liked having the show name and CNN logo in the same box.

    It would be nice if LIVE and CNN were on the screen with no background box behind them.

  9. I intentionally waited a day before commenting on the graphics thinking it might take some getting used to. It is clearer and easier to read then their old graphics. That’s nice.

    Why not make it even easier to read by enlarging it a little bit to take up 1/2 of the screen? Heck, they might as well take up the rest of the screen with the stupid banner and put the programme in a little itsy-bitsy box down in the corner. I hate it. #banthebanners

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