Jonathan Wald Interview…

Forbes’ Lacy Rose interviews the Team Morgan-est member of Team Morgan, Jonathan Wald…

What will differentiate Piers Morgan from all of the other big personalities on the TV dial?

Piers approaches things from a different angle. Politically, he doesn’t have a dog in the fight because he’s from Great Britain. So automatically he approaches it as an outsider observing from the inside, which I think is a strength right now.

Secondly, we have the luxury of time and going very deep. We just interviewed Condoleezza Rice for a show to air during our first week, and I was struck by her openness. It was a Condoleezza Rice that we had never heard or seen before because it was this really in-depth conversation. I don’t think there’s any other place in the cable landscape that does that.

Or there’s a moment in the interview with Oprah where she looks at Piers and then to her friends off camera and says, ‘Wow, Piers is going deep here.’ That is just something you don’t get on any other interview show.

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