Quit While You’re Ahead…

Now Piers Morgan has gone too far. Yesterday Greta Van Susteren took a few awkward jabs at him and he responded in kind on Twitter. However, rather than let things lie there Piers just had to do it again this morning

EXPOSED: @gretawire at a PARTY in DC, took @KimKardashian as her guest. Awkward.

Further bombshell for @gretawire – her Fox colleague @denniskneale was at my @TheTinaBeast party and actively ENJOYING himself. #damning

Any more photos of @gretawire or other FOX stars at a party, any party, gratefully received. #keeping’emhonest

Poof! And just like that whatever sympathy I had for Morgan on this spat just went up in smoke. First of all, Greta never said she didn’t do parties, just that FNC didn’t do big posh pre-launch parties. So Morgan’s escalation today just looks silly. The Dennis Kneale sighting is a bit awkward but hardly that germaine. Morgan should have just quit while he was ahead. His original response struck pretty near the right tone. This one is overkill and more reflective of Morgan’s personality than anything else. And now instead of appearing in the light of a victim, he now appears in the light of the aggressor.

Related: TVNewser’s Alex Weprin notes that FBN threw a big launch party. No, it’s not FNC related exactly but it does undercut Van Susteren’s argument to some extent.

12 Responses to “Quit While You’re Ahead…”

  1. Why is Greta punching down? Nobody cares about some British talent show judge being the new Larry King..and a Fox News host is making him relevant. Piers knows exactly what he’s doing with his Twitter account. As the Brits would say..brilliant!

  2. Josh Kaib Says:

    I don’t think Greta views this as punching down. She is just honestly writing about her reaction. That’s what she does on her blog.

    As for Dennis Kneale being there, he’s FBN’s media guy, so it makes sense for him to be there.

  3. It’s official: Piers Morgan is the Keith Olbermann of CNN. No competitor is safe.

  4. ^ CNN needs a Keith Olbermann.

  5. And they have one in Piers.

  6. If he’s trying to get enough notoriety to get people watching, well..I guess I’ll tune in tonight. I’ve had zero interest up to now, but his “let’s mess with everybody” approach on Twitter has me intrigued. Might be a nice antidote to the predictable partisan yapping Rachel and Hannity will be doing.

  7. Honestly, I tune away after “The O’Reilly Factor,” but if I’m bored at 9:00 or midnight, I’ll put “Hannity” on for at least a few seconds.
    I don’t like the “let’s mess with everybody” approach. I take it a little personally.

  8. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Greta deserves this. Her comments were stupid (especially the “out of touch” aspect), and she really needs to stop worrying about how CNN spends their money. Go mind your own fracking business, woman.

  9. greta started it! if you can’t stand the heat…don’t start the fire! piers has every right to jab back. just too bad piers pays any attention to the nutty greta.

  10. @joeremi: The show doesn’t premiere until Monday.

  11. ^ Oops. If I ever watched CNN, I might know that.

  12. gettingpwned Says:

    this guy is already hilarious and i have no idea who he is!

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