Julie Banderas Demoted?!??!

Twitter’s on fire today…well…the Julie Banderas Twitter fan club is on fire today…over the apparent news that Banderas will be doing reporting for the New York Bureau going forward. (via J$)

No, I’ll be fulfilling a reporter role for the ny bureau RT @BenYurcho: JB, u not doing the FR on weekends

This is all in a state of flux at the moment. A permanent weekend replacement hasn’t been announced yet but at least in the short term it appears Harris Faulkner will be doing weekends on FNC including Fox Report Weekend.

No, Harris Faulkner. I will be reporting from the bureau. See u on the air ltr RT @theFoxFanatic: @JulieBanderas so is Shep anchoring again?

Now will the cable nets stop making news and interrupting my packing please…


89 Responses to “Julie Banderas Demoted?!??!”

  1. I like Julie Banderas doing the weekend FR, but Harris Faulkner is just as good. Seems moving talent from anchoring to reporting positions works better on cable news channels than it does for the broadcast network news divisions.

  2. While I shredded Julie Bandares when she started for FNC (reporting) on the Schiavo case and Aruba.. I think she’s turned out to be an alright anchor.

    I wonder if there was an incident that led to this demotion?

    I doubt she’s a script tamperer like Gomez.. So, what could it be? Surely one of the undercover FNC employees (or the anonymous PR hacks) know the skinny. Feed me.

  3. She and Gregg Jarrett are really good together. Maybe she doesn’t want to work weekends anymore???

  4. But I think she’s reporting this weekend, so it makes me think this is a demotion not a move so she can spend more time with her family.

  5. She’s been doing FR for quite some time and change every-so-often is a good thing. Only matters if she thinks of it as a “demotion”… and she’s been reporting all along, anyway. Maybe she’ll let her fans in on what’s up if she can, but some reporters really enjoy being he ones to work a story so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn she’s fine with this arrangement. Also wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she’s heading elsewhere soon.

  6. Has she improved on her reporting skills? If not, maybe FNC is trying to make her quit.

  7. If it was purely a talent move, it was a good one. As an anchor..um..she sure is pretty. Faulkner is a welcome improvement.

  8. I miss Laurie Dhue…

  9. Both of us think she lost a step or 2 since her return from maternity leave.

  10. Yeah, I think you’re right about that, Boogies. She seems less “there” now. I wonder if she came back to work too soon.

  11. Boogie, can you elaborate? Just curious.

  12. Just our opinion, but she seemed to have been a bit sloppier in her presentation. As a disclaimer, we stopped watching her a while back because of this.

    Minor mistakes that mount up after a while. Maybe she was constantly tired (being a new mom can do that), maybe her heart wasn’t in doing the news while thinking about her precious baby at home. She seemed to have lost the inner fire she used to have.

  13. missy5537 Says:

    Julie is excellent, both doing FR and her weekend show w/Garrett. I’m wondering if she’s being demoted for not being blonde?

    This is very bad news. She is a great anchor and reporter.

  14. -Demoted for not being blonde-

    That’d certainly explain Harris Faulkner getting the gig, eh?

  15. Can’t see Julie or Harris as a blond, for some reason.

  16. They probably busted her for not losing all the weight right away. ‘Cause you know, she’s hideous..

  17. Yikes. I am not a Julie Banderas fan – she always seems to be trying too hard with the ad-libs and just does not have a natural presence (for lack of a better phrase) at the anchor desk, in my opinion, but I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I’m surprised that she is being moved.

    I have always liked Harris Faulkner A LOT, but lately, she seems to be overly dramatic, or something, when she’s filled in as anchor. Hopefully she’ll tone it down a bit if she’s going to be getting the regular gig.

    I always thought Rick Folbaum did a good job (way back when…).

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out… let the rumors begin!
    Oh, and thanks for interupting your packing, Spud, to keep us in the loop!

  18. Harris has devoloped Megyn and Julie’s GET THIS! disease. “Our viewers don’t actually care about news (in spite of the fact that they’re watching a NEWS CHANNEL)..make sure you remind them every two minutes that YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS..THIS!”

  19. Way back when Rick Folbaum did one day, and Laurie Dhue did the other. Then they were the main fill-ins when Shep was away on weekdays. Julie does a good job; so does Harris. They should both be rotated through.

  20. -GET THIS! disease & overly dramatic-

    We get to see the Nielsen ratings totals once in a while, but the network and talent get to see the minute-by-minute audience numbers for their shows. I read somewhere that they see these within minutes of their segments or programmes ending. I’d be willing to bet that both Megyn Kelly and Harris Faulkner took special lessons to learn how to do that ‘GET THIS!’ stuff.

  21. She is a great anchor and reporter.


  22. “Get this disease” – great term for this! it is an awful way to do news – I like my news straight up without all the flourishes. I guess I am just an old fart from the news perspective!

  23. I must be an old fart from the news presentation perspective. I like my news straight up without all the flourishes and dramatic language!

  24. — “Get this disease” —

    And now that someone has pointed it out to you, it will drive you nuts, each and every time. You’re welcome.

  25. missy5537 Says:

    Didn’t E.D. Hill invent the “get this” and “you won’t believe…” thing? I believe Gretchen carries it on, as well.

  26. I think perhaps it’s just Fox trying to keep things fresh and variable. Julie Banderas might be still reacting from the death of her father and the new-born to whom she is clearly devoted.

  27. gettingpwned Says:

    missy, you say that like they aren’t coached or have other people write things for them.

  28. harry1420 Says:

    she must not have showed enough t and a to keep the old men watching.

  29. – “Get this disease” –

    Y’all can thank Laura for pointing it out to me a couple years ago. I immediately started noticing Banderas do it, then discovered almost everybody does it. Thanks, Laura!

  30. Oh man, that was pathetic. They replaced Julie with Nameless Blond, then had Julie do a report from Studio Siberia. Banderas must have really pissed someone off..

  31. FNC’s 7-8 PM show on Saturdays and Sundays was designed to showcase — from head to toe and from every other possible angle — Fox’s hottest female anchor — which Julie had become. Take a look at the set — glass tables, numerous stairways, cameras above and below and everywhere else. Julie enjoyed the role and capitalized on it. She always changed outfits between the 4-6 show and her own show at 7.

    Neither Julie nor any other woman could have continued to play as well the anchor role as designed for that show with that set while pregnant and (increasingly) showing. During Julie’s absence, Juliet Huddy ascended to the role and played it splendidly, showing that she still is a force to be reckoned with when evaluating who is FNC’s hottest anchorette.

    Julie has not gotten back to her former level of appeal (and, if fairness to her, that might be next to impossible for one so extraordinarily appealing as she was pre-pregnancy). It will be interesting to see what FNC does from here.

  32. ^I guess those stairs and glass tables are also designed for Shep to show of his toned legs during the week?

    They didn’t design the studio with the weekend programming in mind.

    I still don’t know why Julie is getting demoted. This makes no sense whatsoever.

  33. During Julie’s absence, Juliet Huddy ascended to the role and played it splendidly, showing that she still is a force to be reckoned with when evaluating who is FNC’s hottest anchorette.

    Make that “most surgically enhanced anchorette”. Apparently Juliet missed all those comments all her life about what a lovely girl she is.

  34. Well , this has become a good ol’ “meoooww” thread as well. So let me add my own catty two-cents: if JH is all that “surgically enhanced” she ought to have had something done about that annoying nasal voice. Adenoid city!

  35. Sad to see Julie B. reporting in to Harris Faulkner after the past few months. Can NOT be an OK situation.

  36. This is what I’m talking about. Harris teases a story by showing video of a fatal auto accident scene, then says, “You HAVE to see how this ended.” It ended with people dead, dipwad. You’re not promo-ing a sporting event.

  37. Yes…as much as I like FNC it’s that damned “Murdoch/tabloid” thing. They hover on the brink of sophomoric much too often.

  38. I’d like to know if the anchors do their own copy for the prompter or if somebody else does that.

  39. claudiva33 Says:

    I don’t watch when Harris Faulkner is anchoring. She talks too loud, kinda like Jane V. Mitchell, and yells the news and she has those wild eyes and is over dramatic. I just want the news and I especially don’t think she dresses appropriately when subbing in the evening with the cleavage popping out of her dress like a Jersey Shore character.

  40. I hadn’t seen Harris in a while, and forgot about the yelling. I had to turn my TV down when I finally realized I felt like someone had been screaming at me for 20 minutes. Pipe down, girl.

  41. sillypantsbob Says:

    I hope Rick Folbaum gets this spot back. He was great on weekend FR in the past. He reports it to the point. Shep and him are two of the most balanced anchors on that network. He deserves it back.

  42. meggielou Says:

    So… what’s the scoop?

    I did not watch Fox over the weekend, but if the “nameless blond” someone referred to above was Heather Childers, she was formerly an anchor with the Time-Warner “local news” channel in the Charlotte (NC) area. She was adequate, but nothing special. Maybe it was the format and she is capable of more, but I’d be very surprised to see her get the permanent FR weekend spot.

  43. i wouldnt be suprised if its because she hasnt lost all the weight from having the baby…

  44. missy5537 Says:

    Poor Julie Banderas. She may or not have been “demoted”, but because it was the last story Spud posted before he left, we’ll be reminded of the issue for the next two weeks until he and his snorkel return.

  45. missy5537 Says:

    Boy, that’s really something about Eric Fuller! The media overkill on this story is just too much, isn’t it (/sarcasm).

  46. There isn’t much to report, Missy. An old man got shot, then yelled some Crazy a week later. Everything there is to say about it takes less words than this comment.

  47. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, I didn’t mean this as needing a response from you (based on feelings from last week), but this is HUGE!

    While absolutely NO correlation was made between right-wing media and others (i.e. Sarah), that’s all we heard last week, 24/7. And now when someone actually DOES act on media vitriol (blaming the right wing and threatening them), we hear virtually nothing? Are they serious?

  48. It’s not huge. The guy had just been shot. PTSD is the whole story. He apologized. It’s over.

  49. Missy: You aren’t wrong; Joe isn’t wrong, either. Segments of the opinion & news media made a stupid and irrational link of certain conservatives to a shooting incident for political gain. Making such a link with this liberal would have been equally stupid and irrational, but there was no political gain to be made so they found where they left their scruples.

  50. Yes. Rules, rationality and decency only apply when it’s a liberal in question. There’s always a plausible excuse, but it only applies in one direction.

  51. Sure, take two extreme and specific examples and apply them to “everything”. Nice.

  52. How about stop accusing us of being accomplices to murder? How about that?

  53. I’m pretty sure I never did that. I accused some Tea Party idiots of of saying things I thought were dangerous, and Sarah Palin of being a self-centered jerk who couldn’t even bring herself to apologize for her stupid map.

  54. If Sarah Palin needs to apologize for her “stupid” map then I also want an apology for the Daily Kos and the Democratic Leadershio Council for their “stupid” maps, too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    As a aside, doing a search for these other maps that were out there and any mention of them on news channels. No mentions of them on ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC that I could find. Convenient, isn’t it?

  55. Being that the other maps have dartboards on them, I don’t see the correlation.

  56. -dartboards-

    Look like shooting range targets to me.

  57. Yes, I’ve since come to learn that. I don’t think most non-gun-owners would make that connection, but if the creators of those maps intended it, they should apologize, too. But it doesn’t matter now, anyway. Nobody’s gonna apologize, the maps and gun crap in politics are history, and Sarah Palin is still a jerk. Life goes on.

  58. – Non-gun-owners –

    Where I live, I could count all of them on one hand and still be able to pick my nose.

  59. ^ I can see why gun purchases have skyrocketed. I’ve never considered buying one in my life, but all this talk has me pondering it. You’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead…

  60. For you readers ignoring the over-300-comments Free For All – I’m lookin’ at you, Missy – KO is done at MSNBC. Looks like he was pushed.

  61. missy5537 Says:

    Thanks Joe! I logged back in, used to seeing 59 comments, and then saw #60!

  62. ^ Gotcher back, chickie. (Sorry, I’ve always wanted to use Al’s word..)

  63. Tonight kind of puts the Julie Banderas demotion in perspective.

  64. I’ll bet she feels better about it.

  65. missy5537 Says:

    I guess there aren’t a lot of JB fans here, but she is superior to the blonde and to Harris F. JB and Garrett did well together, and I think they should bring her back.

  66. JB is miles better than Heather Whatsername, the one who bears a striking resemblance to an extra in The Stepford Wives. Whatever the reason for the demotion, the replacement seems to be some form of punishment.

  67. Someone needs to have a chat with Harris. Yes, we know FNC is The Big Boobs Network, but usually they’re..ya know..covered. She looks ridiculous.

  68. I had to switch channels to check. I was expecting to see something… I don’t know, unusual… Pfft – no big deal and she’s dressed that way for years.

  69. Wow, she’s terrible at breaking news. Yes, Harris, most shootings are VERY SCARY. Julieeee!

  70. Joe’s got a low threshold, so to speak.

  71. ^^^ That’s what I get for not quoting.. 😉

  72. Harris and the weathergirl on screen together was comical. How could you parody that?

  73. ”It’s RATTLING this neighborhood!” Really?

  74. I don’t think its fair to say that she’s bad at breaking news. She normally does a very good job during Happening Now in her role at “the breaking news desk” or whatever they call it.

  75. What’s unfortunate is that none of us know what’s going on behind the scenes. I would imagine that anyone could be made to look a fool if they cheese-off the wrong technician.

  76. Come on,,”rattling the neighborhood”? Does she have a source minutes after a shooting to verify how the neighbors are feeling? Exactly how many neighbors know about it? It’s just random words, and makes her look even sillier than that pushup bra does.

  77. Judge Jeanine SUCKS!

  78. Julie is excellent. I can’t understand why she’s not on.
    Smart, enthusiastic – an excellent on air talent.
    Hope it works out. Harris’s act is terrible and Heather is a bore.
    Come on back Julie!

  79. And she’s a brunette!

  80. whitneymuse Says:

    I liked the peppy Banderas, too. Evidently, Ailes didn’t want to fight the obvious barriers to having Banderas on-the-air over Harris Faulkner.

  81. If Fox news demoted Julie Banderas the people that did that need to be fired immediately! Julie is the most exciting and precise anchor of any network out there. Julie is young, beautiful and strives for truth while exhibiting compassion. If you see her replacement as better, go see your optometrist and then your shrink.
    If being a wife a mom and a good person is bad for Fox now I see why the pie was thrown the other day. Does that spell credibility? Julie Banderas has outstanding credentials for the anchor and all I know have stopped tuning in since she is no longer there. Julie and Gregg Jarrett are the ” Best Team on TV News”.

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  88. I miss Julie Banderas on saturdays and sundays along with Gregg on her side. They make a great team. I DO NOT like that blonde woman, what’s her name? She looks and sounds sooooooo fake!!!
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease bring back Julie!
    Thx, RO/ Phx

  89. Bring Julie Banderas back full time. She is the best and also the best looking.

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