Jansing & Co. Comes to Twitter (finally)…

When Jansing & Co. launched I noted the lack of any social media tie in to the program. Well it took a while but it appears both the show and the host will now be on Twitter. Of course they will have to actually tweet to make it really work.


30 Responses to “Jansing & Co. Comes to Twitter (finally)…”

  1. Fred will be pleased! 😉

  2. Fred would be pleased if only he could read the small twitter print. On the positive side, the keyboard mistakes he claims to make look remarkably similar to tweet abbreviations.

  3. I was trying to decide whether I wanted this to happen before or after my heart attack. I do believe that this wonderful woman treasurers her privacy and I am extremely hopeful that the “jerks” that I saw, over the years, that posted on her physical aspects will flat stay away. Their, in my opinion, “insults” are what caused my weak mind to build up a pent of frustration that Chris wasn’t receiving her well deserved respect.
    Chris is an inspirational professional who, in my opinion, is the very best at what she does. I will also wager that she is an exceptionally great soul. I am hopeful that this effort will allow more positive comments to reach and encourage her.

    So, I will try to remain calm and pray that her many good friends get with the program and I will try to recover from my “be still my heart” moment. I would also wager that her excellent staff will do a superb job protecting her and making this reachout work Very good for them.

  4. So………………what is twitter?

  5. Maybe it is just me, but, this 140 character limit seems more geared to attract the “jerks”. God only knows that I hope that I am absolutely wrong. I tend to not even think about what I am doing until 150 characters into what I am writing. Guess it is time to get some glasses.
    I should also add that, in my over a decade of checking out the various posts on our beloved subject, only Spud has consistantly remained professional and intelligent. Exceptionally good for him and for the comment writers at his sights.
    So….on this twitter….how does one see what other people tweet?

  6. fred: There’s at least three ways to see what others are tweeting. The easiest are to either follow them by clicking “follow” or you can bookmark their Twitter page in your web browser and check on them that way. The “follow” thing is most helpful if you maintain more than one account – helps keep the “personal” stuff… well, personal.

    I like the 140 character limit because it keeps everything quick and simple.

  7. in reply to despicablejon

    You’ll usually see something like that under a tweet. Click on it and you can track the origins of the conversation.

  8. My French and Canadian friends are into twetter. They are constantly trying to get me into this “newer” stuff. They have it set up for me to follow them, though, I am always frustrated by trying to figure out what they are saying/meaning in English, let alone French. The whole thing makes me feel very old and “out to lunch”. Oh, well.

  9. It’s not a very effective medium, IMO. it’s main draw seems to be to see if a celebrity will post your tweet on their page, which gives you the “they noticed me!” tingle. I shudder to think what will happen if Jansing prints one of yours. 😉

  10. ^Joe, the woman is far too brilliant to even remotely consider that silly move. No, I’ll gladly dwell in my bashful “peasant” status, wishing her all the best.
    Besides, as long as I can’t figure this twitter, thing-a-ma-gig, out, I’ll never know. 🙂
    Besides, have you ever seen Chris when she was, obviously, irritated, if not upset, with someone. Everytime I’ve seen that, there is an earthquake somewhere. Do not want to even imagine that powerful, always thinking mind, being upset with me. After all, I’m only mortal. 🙂

  11. Twitter is very effective in allowing simple communications among a large number of people without being heavily time-consuming. It’s the 21st century version of a CB radio except the transmissions are global.

  12. Vous êtes aussi jeune que vous ressentez, Fred. Répétez que vous êtes “vieux” et vous serez.

  13. Get a room.

  14. ^Al, Of course you are very wise (French comment). Your advice is spot on and deeply appreciated.

  15. Damn Frenchies.

  16. Joe, Al just wanted to remind me that positive attitude brings good health while negative thoughts bring bad results.
    For some reason, today, I have been thinking about my family that is gone. Though the females seem to live very long lives, the males don’t. Al is correct, it is far better to dwell on the more positive aspects of life.
    Additionally, Joe, don’t pick on my French Republic. I have declared war over less. 🙂 Now, I guess that I will have to insist on the honor of Cleveland and Hungry. Oh well………:)

  17. I’m part French-Canadian. I know all about those damn Frenchies. Cads, all of ’em.

  18. Why do I have the feeling that Andorra just sent one soldier over the border? I’ll counter with the Girl Scouts!
    As an Okie, I have never met a French-Canadian that I didn’t like.

  19. Ever notice how these websites, over time, always seem to go all over the map in referenced subjects. Guess that the participants find this part of the attraction and, as well, part of the frustration.

  20. Another innocent comment section…killed off before its time…

  21. motownman Says:

    I love Chris, bu she doesn’t have a Facebook page and never has shown much of an interest in communicating with her fans
    I seriously doubt she’ll use her Twitter page, which is fine
    That’s just the way she is
    Some like to interact with tbe public
    Some don’t

  22. Just as a note, Chris Jansing has a birthday this weekend (She will be going on __ (I’m not going there) but has a 30 year old’s strength, a 100 year old’s experience and the mental capacity of a genius. It would be really a great shout out if you all would give her a positive twitter note wishing her happy birthday. Just saying……………….
    Today, I have to surrender her last 40 minutes, due to stupid business. And here she is, in red! Figures.

  23. Chris mentions a filmed fire in Fairport Harbor, Ohio and remains calm and totally professional. She is certainly in an all business mood this morning. Can’t even shout out at her home town.

  24. ^motownman, I would not expect Chris to interact. What we see is all we get and I, for one, am totally respectful of this position.

  25. ^motownman, Her staff, on the other hand, cqn go crazy. :D)

  26. I have to go out of town next Monday and will miss Jansing & Co.
    I would have never thought that I would consider retirement because business interfered with watching a news anchor. Guess I need to figure out how that TV recording device works. It goes off, now and then, so it must at least work. 😀

  27. Yeah, getting back on topic helped..

  28. ^Joe, it’s a big topic. Much bigger than Olbermann. 😀
    So……stay focused!

  29. Well, so much for explosive excitement. If anyone wants to shout out (remember birthday) prior to the, someday,prospective kickstart of the twitter pages, there is a site to tweet at:


    It is possible that IT through up the sites in anticipation of a mngt. decision. Maybe the staff and Chris want to be very deliberate. Maybe there are second thoughts. Whatever, I am more than happy to allow “Chris & Co.” to do, or not to do it anyway she and they feel is best for her.

  30. Comeon Fred…this isn’t a Chris Jansing Appreciation Thread. Take this blather to TVHeads, Reportercaps, or WideWorldofWomen. It doesn’t belong here. Consider this an official warning.

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