Press Releases: 01/31/11




NEW YORK—January 31, 2011—There’s not a single political figure today with the global reach and influence of Bill Clinton—a former U.S. President turned humanitarian and diplomat extraordinaire. No one else in today’s political arena has the ability to command the attention of world leaders and organizations everywhere quite like he does. This Presidents’ Day, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will take viewers behind the scenes of Clinton’s life in the one-hour documentary “President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon.” The special will air Monday, February 21, at 10 pm ET/PT.

Since President Clinton left office in January 2001, he’s taken on a new and very successful role as an international humanitarian—his Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Health Access Initiative, the William J. Clinton Foundation and countless other worthy efforts have made him a hero to peoples across the globe. Clinton’s innate talent for diplomacy gained him international recognition in 2009 when he aided in the release of two imprisoned American journalists from North Korea. In the last year alone, he’s provided invaluable political support to President Obama, hitting the campaign trail for countless Democratic candidates leading up to the November 2010 midterm elections.

In “President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon,” “Hardball” host Chris Matthews managed to spend a whirlwind week with Bill Clinton—hopping from the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City to Ireland, where Matthews sat down for a one-on-one interview with the former president. In addition, the hour includes intimate interviews with many of Clinton’s close friends and colleagues, including Tony Blair, Terry McAuliffe, John Podesta, Mary Steenburgen and Kevin Spacey.

“President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon” is an MSNBC original production and was produced for MSNBC by Peacock Productions. For Peacock Productions, Keith McKay is Executive Producer and Kate Hampson is Producer. Benjamin Ringe and Knute Walker are Co-Executive Producers of Peacock Productions. Sharon Scott is Executive-in-Charge of Peacock Productions. For MSNBC, Mike Rubin is Vice President, Long Form Programming. Scott Hooker is Senior Executive Producer, MSNBC. Timothy Smith is Senior Producer, MSNBC.


11 Responses to “Press Releases: 01/31/11”

  1. missy5537 Says:

    “There’s not a single political figure today with the global reach and influence of Bill Clinton…”

    Says who?

    This guy couldn’t even get his own WIFE the nomination, and hasn’t it been proven that his presence may have actually hurt many candidates when he supported them?

    But if Chris Matthews is pushing a story line, I guess we’re supposed to fall for it. NOT!

  2. missy5537 Says:

    I just visited TV Newser, at at this exact moment there are 30 comments on the above story. And my comment, above is NICE compared to what others have written about BJC and Chrissy!

  3. Ironic, considering that Matthews trashed Bill Clinton (and Al Gore) on his program for years and years, dating all the way back to the mid-90’s. Daily Howler has the evidence.

  4. “Global reach and influence”, people. He’s right, and you’re avoiding the actual quote in order to make a partisan point. Don’t be lazy.

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Don’t be lazy? Too late for that advice.

    BTW, I just saw Phil Keating on TV. From now on, whenever I’m having a bad hair day, I’ll think of him.

  6. missy: the guy has a great gig – does news from Florida and can be casual. Not all perfect like the guys in NYC & DC. He’s gotta be lovin’ it!

  7. Don’t be lazy? Too late for that advice.

    Call her a lazy partisan, and she just rolls with it. That level of self-effacing confidence is hard not to admire. A flame war with Missy? She would have to find a way to care enough to have one. The Force is strong with this one. 😉

  8. And she dissed The Hair. She’s a tough one.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    It took me a YEAR to grow out a bad haircut (although it still looked better than Keating tonight), and I go in to get my bangs trimmed, and the girl decides to give me short layers once again! You would die too if it happened to you (old song, I believe!).

    Anyway, I’m right about Clinton, so what’s to argue?

  10. Who can argue with a simple, declarative statement? Especially when the declarer is irritable with an unexpected haircut…

  11. I don’t argue with a woman pissed off about a haircut. Contrary to evidence, I’m not stupid.

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