Chris Jansing Follows Col. Jack Jacobs’ Return to Vietnam…

MSNBC viewers have noticed that Chris Jansing has been absent from her show the past few days. The on air explanation has been that she’s “on assignment” but that’s as much information as viewers have been given.

Jansing traveled to Vietnam with MSNBC military analyst and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Col. Jack Jacobs as Jacobs returned to the scene of the battle for which he received his CMH. Jansing has been tweeting a few pics of the journey. Normally I would have just done an RT but since her Twitter follower number is artificially low, given that they hadn’t even announced her Twitter handle on MSNBC’s air until they did so for the first time today, I’m making a full blog post out of this since I currently have more blog readers than she has followers. The picture at top is of Jacobs meeting the Vietcong General who ordered the ambush which nearly killed him. Another is of Jacobs visiting the infamous Hanoi Hilton.

Jansing’s story of Jacobs return to Vietnam will air across NBC and MSNBC’s platforms at some point though there is no specific air date at this time.


3 Responses to “Chris Jansing Follows Col. Jack Jacobs’ Return to Vietnam…”

  1. whitneymuse Says:

    Have always enjoyed Jansing’s reporting; the first time I recollect her coverage was the CO student shootings: Diebold and Klingon (sic) and I’m glas she’s only absent for assignment, and not part of the “Putch” going on over there. It’s nice to have a medal of honor recipient to be your companion if there’s a problem. Look forward to her Jansing & Company, again.

  2. It is kinda lame how little MSNBC has done to promote Jansing’s show. For some reason Tamron gets a prominent position on the website by Chris doesn’t. The msnbc video player has a way to just look at NewsNation vids, but not for J&C. Dumb

  3. whitneymuse Says:

    I’m a Big Jansing fan; she and the weekend person are the only two at MSNBC I try to catch, ever since MSNBC decided to go wherever they are now. Can you believe this is the same MSNBC that gave a show tg the guy known as Michael Savage, too? His name is like Cary Grant’s, a stage name, only he legally changed it from his birth name, I believe. Wikipedia gives a good vetting of that issue. Here:

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