Dennis Kneale: The new Rick Sanchez?

The normally reserved Talking Biz News takes a very aggressive tone and a very dim view regarding Dennis Kneale’s Twitter self-promotion…

Last month, he tweeted this: “Cup-runneth-over-dept.: my FoxBiz hits today at 12:45, full hour at 3pm, 4:55pm. Also on FoxNews’s ‘forbes on fox’ saturday 11am.”

On the same day, he tweeted this: “But it would be nice if you guysd wud help me ensure Mom aint the only one watchin’. Okay?”

Kneale sounds like he is desperate for attention and is asking people to re-tweet an appearance and to watch him on Fox Business. Journalists aren’t supposed to make the story about them. Aren’t they supposed to be focused on breaking actual business news?

Kneale has always danced to a different drummer and though I do agree that he does come off as sounding desperate, I don’t think too much about it. A lot of TV newsie Twitter accounts are filled with pablum, self-promotion, on-air appearance alerts, and so forth. Kneale’s may look a bit more egregious than most but they’re hardly out of the norm.

6 Responses to “Dennis Kneale: The new Rick Sanchez?”

  1. Julie Banderas does the same thing basically. Kneale comes off as a shameless self-promoter, but I found the article to be unnecessarily harsh.

  2. Who wouldn’t tell everyone “hey, watch my show”?

    Nothing here.

  3. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Although I’m positive I’m the only one who can’t STAND Dennis Kneale, I agree with the above folks that this isn’t a big deal.

    I think the fact that nobody watches Fox Business is a hard thing to swallow, especially for a guy with such a massive ego.

  4. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    **”Although I’m positive I’m [NOT] the…”

  5. “for a guy with such a massive ego.”

    They may never have much of an audience but they’ll never lack for massive egos. 🙂

  6. What a silly complaint. Gutfeld always tweets his appaerances; Brooke Baldwin tweets all morning about what’s coming up on her show, tweets all the way through it, then sends a “goodbye” when she’s leaving the building. This “self promotion” is a nice connection to the viewers.

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