Juliet Huddy out at FNC? Update: Nope…

When Julie Banderas got demoted off of FNC weekend anchoring, the weekend afternoon anchor rotation got in a state of flux as Heather Childers, Arthelle Neville, Juliet Huddy, and Harris Faulkner anchored various shifts. But a few weeks ago Huddy disappeared. And I wasn’t the only one to notice. Today Johnny Dollar asked Huddy on Twitter when she would be back on the air at FNC. Huddy didn’t answer…and she did tweet today. After seeing $’s tweet my passive curiosity at her disappearance became active and I tried to get to FNC’s bio page to see if there’d been a change there. Huddy last re-upped with FNC a little over a year and a half ago.

Well FNC’s Bio page was down most of the day but now it’s back up. And Huddy isn’t listed there. Make of that what you will…but I’m making LOTS out of it…

Update: Let’s throw some contradictory evidence into the mix. This page lists Huddy as an anchor on the side of the page and her name isn’t “hot”…as in linked…which suggests she may not have had a bio page to begin with. Well, this blog entry should cause enough commotion to force out a definitive answer on this issue…the “run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes” method if you will…

Update 2: Word through the grapevine, and make of that what you will, is that Huddy is still with FNC…

35 Responses to “Juliet Huddy out at FNC? Update: Nope…”

  1. The more that I see of the big cable news business methodology in labor, the more that I believe that, if I had ever gotten into the business, I would have been far happier in LA, Albany, or Tulsa – despite less money.

  2. It’s just as crazy in local…crazier even…

  3. It’s just as crazy in local…crazier even…

    Especially for women. Especially if looks seems to be the primary reason for their hire.

  4. I still don’t see how Julie Banderas got demoted. I thought she did an excellent job, both w/Garrett and then on the Fox Report.

  5. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Of the 4 weekend anchors you mentioned,along with Huddy, neither Heather Childers nor Arthelle Neville have bio pages. Seems strange considering the number bio pages for seldom used “contributors”.

  6. ^You all really make me worry about our cable news people. We can critize them all we want, but, when you listen to them as much as we do, they are more like family. Heck, I’ll even claim Beck as my “different” uncle.

  7. Juliet Huddy is the dish-of-the-month and always was. She had less going for her than Banderas, and we see how that turned-out.

    I have to disagree about local-news, at least in Atlanta. The snow had me watching more than usual, and I was struck by how many familiar faces there are from over the last 21 years. Atlanta local seems to appreciate experience and depth over who had the best giggle or after-market attributes. The banter is minimal, natural and unembarrassing, and there’s no father-daughter/dirty old man-vibe between the co-anchors. Reminds me that I need to watch more often.

  8. ^Joe, I do get exhausted over the environment where women are not respected for the outstanding work that we see all of the time.I can only imagine how many truely genius females we’ll never see because of man’s infatuation with the physical. We’re pathetic as a gender. Just saying……………

  9. Ya know, that comment about Juliet was nasty, even for me. Sorry.

    It’s not really about her, it’s about how Fox treats women. I don’t care what Julie Banderas is or isn’t, she’s a thousand times better than what’s in her place. Replacing her with Heather Childers is practically abusive, and it’s a message to all females on-air that they too can be replaced by someone better-suited to overnight news-breaks, but only if Ainsley is unavailable.

  10. ^Laura, Tulsa and OKC are the same, people pretty much stay on until they retire. Come to think of it, I can count on one hand the number of people who were fired over the last 30 years. I know because they always make the front page on the newspaper (yes, even though I travelled 5 days, I always caught up on Friday night).

  11. Why doesn’t Juliet Huddy’s twitter profile mention that she works for Fox? You’d think she wants to mention that.

    Missy, its Jarrett, not Garrett. But close enough.

  12. Josh, I’ve been watching him for years, and can’t believe I made that error.

    But wow – maybe that’s the point. Of the Jarrett/Banderas team, I thought he was the lesser by far. So what happens? They let Julie go.

    Seriously, unless she was seen stealing peroxide from the Fox hair salon, there is NO WAY she should have been demoted. She is far superior to Harris Faulkner, any of the blondes they use as anchors, or Rick Folbaum. What criteria did they use to let her go?

  13. Alisyn isn’t on F&FW today
    Ainsley is out of town
    Courtney is on maternity leave
    Dana Perino, who doesn’t work full time for Fox, is hosting
    That should tell you something

  14. If Juliet is out I’m sorry for her. The two they need to get rid of in my opinion are Heather Childers AND Arthell Neville. My god they are awful. Julie Banderas is good, too. Harris Faulkner just needs to get rid of what we here call the Megyn Kelly thing – have you heard? can you believe?, etc. garbage. Then I think she does a good job, better than Childers & Neville.

    I think they keep Greg Jarrett because he is a lawyer and can ask a legal question and do a follow-up with some authority. he also seems pretty controlled when breaking news happens and we all know how awful it is when breaking news happens on the weekends and you have people who don’t have a clue are on the air.

  15. cablenewsblogger Says:

    Here’s my take. Julie shouldn’t have ever been demoted, especially with no known reason. That being said, I mainly watched the FOX Report because of her, still didn’t really watch her show with Gregg. Since she is gone though, I thought Heather was an okay fit, watched to see how she would do and I think she is actually good and now I watch that timeslot. Harris Faulkner on the other hand, terrible replacement. The “Megyn Kelly Thing” that (paminwi) refers to is the least of Harris’ problems. She literally YELLS at the camera and into the microphone, makes it unbearable to watch her. Arthel is good enough to fill-in which is what the primarily use her for, same with Gregg (notice who seems to be their first choice on America’s Newsroom, Studio B, etc. when the regular anchor is out).

    And just as an FYI: Both Juliet Huddy and Rick Folbaum are out today. It seems that Kelly Wright and Arthel Neville will host from 6-7, prior to the FOX Report.

    (sorry for the extremely long post, but I am new to ICN and had a lot to say on this subject)

  16. I actually like Arthel and Harris. Oh, well. As for Banderas, I also liked her. Has anyone thought that maybe she didn’t want to anchor any longer now that she has a new baby? Maybe it was her choice.

  17. Megyn Kelly will be going on maternity leave soon. Someone will take that slot (probably two people). My guess is Rick Folbaum and Harris Faulkner.

    As for Huddy, she’s not that great of an anchor anymore. She was good with Mike Jerrick on Dayside, but now Jerrick is back in Philly and Huddy is only okay. Although I’d take her over Heather Childers any day. I feel bad, picking on the new girl, but she has no personality on the air and her face is pulled tight like she overdosed on botox.

  18. Hey Woodward and Bernstein. I am a close friend of Juliet’s and (a) she is off this week, and (b) like many other anchors at FNC, she has never had a bio on the site (why, I don’t know) … To jump from those facts to an assumption that she no longer works at FNC is a bit bizarre. What do you do when your normal mailman doesn’t show up? Print a story that he is missing and possibly kidnapped?

    I jest, and actually like your site, but at least have a SHRED of evidence to support the topics will ya?! Lol. Hope that clarifies things. Cheers

  19. Actually, after watching Heather Childers again, she’s not bad. Juliet did a pretty good job filling in for Julie B on Fox Report, so she should get that before Faulker does, who is good in her current role and she and Folbaum would be great filling in for Megyn Kelly once she goes on maternity leave.

  20. bigheadny — Any insights on what happened to Julie Banderas? “Her idea” to stop anchoring, or was something else afoot?

    I will say that Jarrett had an extremely uncomfortable look on his face the first time he from ANH interacted with her “back in the newsroom.” Didn’t know what to make of it.

  21. cablenewsblogger Says:

    I doubt that they’ll have two people fill in for Megyn during her leave.. they typically only do that if she’s out for just the day. i.e. Labor Day, or New Year’s Eve (when she had to anchor that night). My guess: Shannon Bream will be relocated to NYC to fill-in, that is what happened over the summer when Megyn went on vacation. If nothing else they’ll move Martha to America Live and put a fill-in in for her during America’s Newsroom. Juliet Huddy’s nasally voice is my primary complaint against her. Something tells me that it wasn’t Julie’s choice. This assumption is based on her responses on twitter, i.e. “he’s (Jarrett) got a new co-anchor” give me the feeling she was demoted. Plus it’s not like she’s in some new, major correspondent capacity, like Senior National Correspondent where she would voluntarily leave.

  22. Hey BigHeadNY, she dropped out of sight without a word on Twitter. Why?

  23. How do we know bigheadNY actually knows Juliet?
    We don’t

  24. I really like Harris Faulkner, I think she’d be great for the Weekend Fox Report. Julie Bandaras was OK, but she could be grating at times.

    I really don’t like Greg Jarrett, I wonder why they keep him around.

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  29. She is on Fox and Friends this morning. Looking hot and thin as usual. Implants, yes, nose a little thinner perhaps.

  30. […] to her audience, Juliet offered no explanation for her absence of over two months from the “Fair and Balanced” network. Nevertheless, her nasal timber had markedly […]

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