Margaret Brennan Profile

Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman profiles Bloomberg TV’s Margaret Brennan…

In the wake of the Egyptian uprising, Brennan believes that BTV could find itself in a sweet spot in TV news because of its expertise in covering financial stories and employing thousands of journalists around the world. “It’s a business network [and] finance is the only truly globalized industry. Now the rest of business is following.”

Brennan takes pride in the way that Bloomberg “owned” the sovereign-debt crisis story and how BTV was positioned to cover the Egyptian rebellion as well.

She said the uprising had its roots in an economic crisis, and that Bloomberg “had a reporter on ground in Cairo the week before things got really bad.” Brennan suggests that the worldwide spike in food prices is going to continue to play a major part in any future rebellions overseas — calling it the “young and hungry” syndrome.

American business leaders, she cautions, are taking note. “Every CEO you talk to tells you they’re chasing the growth overseas.” Now, she points out, the same officials are suddenly asking: “Is it going to be that easy?”

4 Responses to “Margaret Brennan Profile”

  1. Wonder if CNBC regrets letting Margaret go and keeping Bartiromo?
    I would if I was them.

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