MSNBC Dayside Changes…

An internal email from MSNBC Executive Editor Yvette Miley to staff announcing some change coming to MSNBC Dayside…

From: Miley, Yvette (NBCUniversal, WTVJ)

Sent: Friday, February 18, 2011 3:51 PM

Subject: Announcement

Team MSNBC,‬‪ ‬‪

I have fantastic news to share with you today. Martin Bashir will go on the air in the 3pm time slot on the 28th.

Bob Morrissey will lead the “Martin Bashir” show and team. Bob, Martin and team have been eagerly awaiting the launch date and now it is one week away.‬‪ ‬‪With the addition of Martin to our lineup, we also now have an opportunity to add Thomas Roberts to another time slot. On the 28th, Thomas Roberts will anchor “MSNBC Live” at 11AM. Tammy Fine will lead that show and team.‬‪ Jansing and Co. will remain in the 10AM time slot. These changes will also allow Chris to travel for several upcoming events, the Royal Wedding and the Pope Beatification, to name a few.

Gresham Striegel will continue to lead that show and team.‬‪ ‬‪

There are two things that are not surprising in this memo and one that is. It’s not surprising that MSNBC would give Thomas Roberts an hour. They hired the guy full time and you don’t hire another full time anchor if you aren’t going to give him a slot. It’s also not surprising that Roberts gets 11am, cutting Jansing & Co. down to one hour. All other alternatives for Roberts would mean someone gets wiped out entirely from the schedule so this move is the one with the least amount of pain involved for MSNBC (though not necessarily for Chris Jansing, Gresham Striegel, nor Richard Lui).

What is surprising though is the ultra nonsensical excuse Miley gives for why this move is a good thing for Jansing. Let me get this straight…cutting Jansing’s shift down an hour enables her to travel around the world? How so?

She still has a show to do. When she’s in England she’ll be doing her show there. When she’s in Rome, she’ll be doing her show there. The amount of airtime she gets has no bearing on her ability to do a show overseas. Nor to prep for doing a show overseas. And any time she can’t do her show because she has to travel it won’t be predicated on how much airtime her show gets. Having a two hour show certainly didn’t prevent her from traveling to Vietnam last week.

This is BS window dressing and diversion on Miley’s part to confuse the issue and make it look like Jansing losing an hour is somehow a benefit for her. It’s not. Let us be clear on that. Instead call it what it was…MSNBC badly wanted to get Roberts on the air permanently so something had to give and Jansing and her team were the ones on the short end. Sounds bad but this is TV and TV’s a brutal business. And it’s not like Jansing has been taken off MSNBC’s air. Phil Griffin already learned once what happens when that occurs. He’s not going to make the same mistake.

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  1. OK, so I know essentially nothing about this, so everything I’m about to say might be completely wrong. I think I have an idea about why they’re saying an hour show (vs. two hours) allows Jansing to travel more.

    If she’s hosting out of London or Rome (or wherever), they would need satellite time to get her linked with msnbc in New York, correct? (I guess it might be different if she’s hosting out of a NBC News bureau.) If I’m not mistaken, satellite time isn’t cheap, so hosting for two hours over satellite would be more expensive than hosting for a single hour over satellite. Thus, msnbc executives could justify allowing Jansing to travel and host her program more often since it would only cost half as much to transmit. (Like I said, that might not be right at all, but it’s my theory as to why they can claim this move lets Jansing travel more.)

    Regardless, I’m glad they found a place for Roberts; when I saw the news on Twitter, I was sad since I thought he might get shifted back into the fill-in role. Looking forward to seeing these changes!

  2. Why not recognize the Cenk experiment has fizzled, and give either Jansing or Roberts a piece of prime time real estate where MSNBC can do a REAL hour of news like Shep does?

  3. Dedicating two hours of time to a largely non-partisan anchor must be too much for the heads at MSNBC to bear. Are Chris’ talents an awkward fit in the post-Olberman MSNBC brand era? Are they wanting to turn “night” into “day”? For the most part, Chris is the only remaining dayside connection to legitimate journalism and MSNBC’s legacy audience. Sad to see her lose the second 1/2.

  4. If she’s hosting out of London or Rome (or wherever), they would need satellite time to get her linked with msnbc in New York, correct?

    So your point is that MSNBC cuts Jansing’s show in half to justify a few measely days a year when she won’t be in NYC on account of cost? That makes even less sense than Miley’s excuse.

    The satellite time will be entirely justified, for the Royal Wedding for sure, because it and the run up to it will be all the talk of TV News. Probably less so for whatever’s going on in Rome. But you can still get around the cost issue by keeping the coverage amount down below two hours. Regardless of how you do it, cost of doing a handful of shows doesn’t justify in any way cutting a program’s airtime in half the rest of the year.

  5. Why not recognize the Cenk experiment has fizzled, and give either Jansing or Roberts a piece of prime time real estate where MSNBC can do a REAL hour of news like Shep does?


    I like Jansing and Roberts. Plus, one would assume Jansing will still be doing “hits” on other programming. However, yanking one of her hours while leaving Andrea Mitchell on the air is a joke.

  6. MSNBC has too many anchors and not enough good daytime programming. Sorry, but it’s mostly must-miss TV. MSNBC can beat CNN in primetime but it can’t during the day. It isn’t just that the programming is generic, but also because MSNBC takes weekends off, except Alex Witt.

  7. Ah yes…Terance’s “homing beacon” is still functioning. When in doubt, trash Andrea…

  8. “They hired the guy full time and you don’t hire another full time anchor if you aren’t going to give him a slot.”

    What about Richard Lui? I thought he was hired as a full time anchor. Now he will get even less air time than he does now as I doubt Jansing will want a second banana for one hour show.

    I’m looking forward to finally seeing Martin Bashir after all these months of waiting. I’m also glad Thomas Roberts gets his own show as he is a very talented host. It is sad that Jansing will lose half her show but as you say that the business they’re in.

    And Fred will be crushed. 😉

  9. realreal10 Says:

    I can NEVER understand the changes/choices msnbc makes.
    Why with these itty-bitty little changes. Their daytime is struggling….badly…and all they can think of is taking an hour away from Chris Jansing (which is a FAIL) and give Thomas Roberts a random hour between Jansing and Brewer. msnbc never seems to have a set schedual, and when they do it has no rhythm to it.

    If they want to satisfy all of their (talented) anchors while giving the daytime schedule a smooth flowing lineup, they should:

    -Morning Joe 6-9: This is a given. MJ is a staple program.
    -Jansing&Co. 9-11: It could be the MJ for the West-Coasters.
    -Roberts and Brewer 11-1: They have great on-air chemistry
    -Tamron Hall and O’Donnel 1-3: Both talented anchors
    -Martin Bashir takes 3…and so on…

  10. It may be must-miss TV for you Josh but I enjoy it most of the time. I feel the same away about FNC dayside so it probably says more about our political beliefs than the quality of the shows on either network.

  11. reall real: As spud will tell you duel hosted shows don’t work.

  12. mitchburke Says:

    I just don’t understand how such a strong anchor like Tamron or Chris can’t be moved into primetime for an hour of news…let’s say at, oh 6 or 7. The Fox Report has show such great success, meanwhile, Hardball’s re-airing.
    Also not a fan AT ALL of the 9-4 news day. Dylan’s already the outlier when compared with all of MSNBC’s other big talkers.
    And Thomas at 11? Dayside’s looking as crowded as it’s ever been, meanwhile weekends are nothing but Alex Witt and prison porn.

  13. Spud lays out, what I consider, a very reasonable, and probably accurate, analysis. I prefer to bit the bullet for Chris to have the opportunity to make those trips where she always seems to be at the top of professionalism. Remember Tuscon, Katrina, etc., you just can’t get any better. Bottom line is that Chris, and her viewers, lose an hour to gain, hopefully, a lot of field anchoring.
    Fritz makes an excellent concern about Richard Lui. I envision the possibility that he will be the “research” project anchor, popping in, several times per day, to provide analysis (and maybe a touch of humor – now and then). Lui has too much talent to not use more.,but then, Spud did remind us that this is one tough business.

  14. ^bite. Still need to go out and buy a new monitor. Wish I wasn’t so cheap.

  15. realreal10 Says:

    Duel hosted shows usually don’t work because the combo have no chemistry (Chuck and Savannah) or they’re broadcasting from two different studios (Shuster and Hall…made for some awkward silences)…
    msnbc daytime is doing horrible anyways….why not try a set format, rather than the branded double anchor (Rundown), then branded double anchor with sidekick (jansing and Liu), then the non-branded single anchor (brewer), followed by branded…you get my point….failing formula they’re using now.

  16. Real I love Chuck and Savannah but everyone has there own personal favorites and dislikes. For me Dylan Ratigan usually makes me want to change the channel. I’m not a big Tamron Hall fan but I like Jansing & Brewer. Different strokes for different folks.

  17. The big picture is that we lost an hour of a show I was just warming up to for..Martin Bashir? Honestly, who gives a flying flip about him? Phil Griffin is an idiot.

  18. I guess I really DON’T watch MSNBC! With the exception of Chris Jansing, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any of those day people.

  19. Missy, dear, you like what you like, and consider everything else a complete waste of time. It’s not a secret around here. 😉

  20. Fritz, it could be our political leanings but I have never found MSNBC’s dayside to be offensive to me politically. There is a lack of energy that FNC’s dayside seems to have. I don’t know, but these moves don’t seem all that great. I like my idea of giving Bashir 4 PM, moving Ratigan to 5, Hardball at six, and Ed at 7 PM. MSNBC doesn’t need to give Cenk Uyger a show yet. Why not develop some political programming for the weekend with him hosting. You need good fill-ins like Fox has.

  21. There is a lack of energy that FNC’s dayside seems to have

    That “energy” MSNBC is missing is the “everything is an alarming alert” tone you’re used to on Fox. It’s made regular news “boring”. I frequently find FNC’s tone exhausting, and need my “boring”.

  22. I have to say I think that reducing Chris Jansing’s time seems like a mistake to me. Didn’t they find it wasn’t a good move to have her be in California? Now they bring her back and cut her time again. I actually feel sorry for her.

  23. Ah yes…Terance’s “homing beacon” is still functioning. When in doubt, trash Andrea…

    Jansing is 10X the reporter and anchor Andrea Mitchell ever was or will be.

    Btw, how much does Ms. Mitchell make? Surely MSNBC could hire several “good” reporters with the coinage saved from her salary, no?

  24. Andrea Mitchell isn’t the smoothest speaker in the business, but she runs an excellent political hour, with good guests and good questions.

  25. ^Pan, you and I agree on that one. Sometimes the concept of “Lean Forward” does not meet the same definition as that held by a great number of MSNBC viewers.
    Terance, true Chris is 10x anybody (not that I have any firm conviction in that opinion), but, Andrea is excellent at bring in knowledgeable guests and she is always getting informative insight.

  26. As spud will tell you duel hosted shows don’t work.

    Don’t put words in my mouth Fritz, especially when they’re incorrect. Dual hosted shows CAN work but it depends on a lot of things, like

    1) Talent Chemistry
    2) Format (a looser format works better for dual anchors than a very rigid dry format with little cross talk or banter between anchors)
    3) Length of show (longer the better)

    With so many anchors MSNBC will probably next try a dual anchor format on dayside…though to make it work they’ll have to drop Andrea’s show.

    Jansing is 10X the reporter and anchor Andrea Mitchell ever was or will be.

    Terance, Terance, Terance…your bias is hanging out wide open for all to see.

    Andrea is not a good anchor. That much is clear. She’s been on the air at 1pm for years now and has shown near zero percent improvement. If being a great anchor was key to her show, she’d have been gone already. It’s not. It plays a distant third behind her interviewing and the guests she gets.

    Chris will always be a smoother more polished anchor than Andrea. But Andrea has a Rolodex that’s 100x more impressive than Chris’ and that means a lot for a reporter. I see A list Washington guests on Mitchell’s show every week. You know how often I see Chris interview guests of that caliber? I have to not go by days or weeks…but by months. Given time and the right position and access I’m sure Chris could start getting the guests Andrea does…but that’s not the way things are. Nor is it the way things ever will be realistically.

  27. Wow: I guess I don’t think of Andrea Mitchell as an anchor – I mostly think of her as a reporter who has her own show. Her contacts are fabulous and maybe I think “old” when I say this but sometimes having a historical perspective as the issues of today are discussed is a good thing. I think she brings that to the table. You know the old line “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

  28. Andrea Mitchell isn’t the smoothest speaker in the business, but she runs an excellent political hour, with good guests and good questions.

    It would be if it wasn’t duplicated/rendered redundant by Morning Joe, Daily Rundown and, to a lesser extent than it was say 10 years ago, Hardball. For me it’s just another political show. And we have too damn many of those already.

  29. But Andrea has a Rolodex that’s 100x more impressive than Chris’ and that means a lot for a reporter. I see A list Washington guests on Mitchell’s show every week.

    Exactly. It’s what always makes Andrea Mitchell Reports seem serious and “important”. That Rolodex is invaluable, and very few (if any) people in cable news can match it.

  30. Morning Joe, Daily Rundown and, to a lesser extent than it was say 10 years ago, Hardball.

    I don’t often DVR MJ, and never the Rundown, so I don’t catch that duplication much because they’re on too early on the West Coast. I’m probably seeing conversations for the first time with Andrea that others saw ealier.

    As for the “too much politics”, well..I can never have too much, so I react differently.

  31. “Don’t put words in my mouth Fritz,”

    I knew as soon as I saw my comment posted I’d be hearing about it and get my ear smacked. So be it to quote John Boehner.

    “That Rolodex is invaluable, and very few (if any) people in cable news can match it.”

    That’s very true Joe. the only other one at MSNBC who seems to have that A list rolodex is Lawrence O’Donnell.

    Morning Joe gets a lot of big names but that has a lot more to do with the show rather than the hosts.

  32. A BIG difference between MJ and Andrea is the conversation. The topics may duplicate, but the questions do not.

  33. I suspect that Hardball is evolving more towards where Chris Mathews was in 1998. When he brings back the discipline, Chris is far more reasoned in his comments and makes his points with more precision. When he banters, he loses my interest. When he is at his best, Mr. Mathews can be downright inspirational. Problem is that you never know what you are going to get, though, he is , as I said, getting more positively consistant.
    Sorry, to most of you, but I contend that Dylan is potential genius at communication. Whe he is off, he can be way off (no sense of consistancy like Chris Jansing), but when he stays precise and disciplined, he can strike home with true excellence. Good days have outnumbered bad days lately.

    Contessa is even getting back into stride. I have really enjoyed watching her, when she is on, since she got back from Syracuse. Besides,, her laugh and smile are priceless and I do enjoy her questioning skills.
    Joe, I get up to watch MJ and Daily Rundown. Other that my belief that Mika, sometimes, needs to take a flyswatter to her “associates”, it is tollerable. DR is straightforward and seems to run very smoothly. As a team, Savannah and Chuck do seem to consistantly get stronger. I seem to always enjoy their flow.
    Tamron seems to have an excellent grasp of her roll to make her hour more of communication rather than a simple presentation of the news. My only problem is that her hour is when I seem to always have a lot of incoming calls and I miss too much.

    So, now all of this will be played with by the powers that be and I really wonder if this will do any good. Of course, if you asked me, they could run Chris Jansing reruns all day and I would be delighted. Limiting her to one hour will only cost MSNBC viewers.

  34. Question: Has anyone seen/heard what/where NBC/MSNBC’s Anne Thompson is these days? Haven’t seen her since Fall.

  35. If Andrea Mitchell’s Rolodex is so great.. How come I never hear anything about her program breaking news? Where is the buzz? Not trying to discount the Rolodex “card” but it seems to me like she’s missing the boat with her “big gets.”

  36. AMR isn’t a “breaking news”-type show. It’s intelligent conversation. I like it.

  37. “fritz3 Says: What about Richard Lui? I thought he was hired as a full time anchor?’

    I guess when he was made a part of Jansing & Company his role as full time anchor at MSNBC was changed, if they were even considering having him anchor.

    He does get to anchor when Chris Jansing is off or out of the area taping a report.

  38. I’m not 100% sure on this, but about ten years ago, it seemed that Chris Jansing anchored the entire day – from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. I liked her and MSNBC back then, before they became real leftist, like now.

  39. ^Missy, to me, ten years ago, Chris was a very energetic, talented,youthful and graceful commentator. Then, I saw her work on 9/11. From that point on, I saw an over the top professional who continually stuns me with her uncanny ability to get even better. I can only imagine to what levels of professionalism, with graceful humanity, that this woman will reach in the future.
    I contend that MSNBC, sometimes, comes very close to misusing her skills.

  40. The following changes to MSNBC dayside and primetime line-up SHOULD BE initiated…

    10am-12pm: Jansing & Co. (10-11 straight news w/ Jansing; 11-11:30 straight news w/ Lui; 11:30-12 Meet The Press style roundtable w/ Jansing as moderator)

    12-1pm: MSNBC Live w/ Contessa & Thomas (a loose, warm, much needed gimicky Today Show style presentation of the news…without the rigid hard news format and restricting anchor desk)

    2-4pm: NewsNation (sandwiching the gimicky MSNBC Live w/ Contessa & Thomas and the poorly anchored but very informative Andrea Mitchell Reports between two 2-hour blocks of straight news will make 12-2pm MUST SEE TV. Plus, consistency is needed. Jansing & Tamron are great at straight news and should be presented as the networks key anchors, especially since they are also presented as such on NBC.)

    5pm: The Young Turks (instead of presenting Cenk’s ranting head in a close-up, present the format utilized (including Cenk’s associates) on the already successful online show. Plus, he would be the ideal follow-up to Dylan Ratigan. Remember the trade-offs between Olbermann and Rachel?)

    6pm: How about Norah O’Donnell for a very informative semi-straight news show. She has the rolodex and would be the ideal lead-in for Matthews who should only have one hour. Really, his 5pm slot lags in the ratings and probably keeps his 7pm slot from having the ratings it should have.)

    8pm: Ed Show (he simply does not fit well in the “cool down” “wrap-up” 10pm time slot. Plus, as the broadcasts in Wisconsin have shown, he is best when he isn’t presented as a ranting close-up of an angry head. Give him a desk w/ a set so he can be more mobile and so it doesn’t seem like he’s a big head screaming at the TV audience)

    10pm: The Last Word (Lawrence was killing it at this time slot. Now his rating are quite low. His style simply does not work in the slot formally known as Countdown. He was a good follow-up to the playful yet informative Rachel and hell, he was catching up to Greta over at Fox on a regular basis. Ed has been hot and cold (mostly cold) at that hour. I don’t know why they didn’t simply replace the opinionated and passionate Olbermann with the similar Ed.)

  41. So, where would Martin Bashir fit in? Personally, I don’t think he should have a show at such a time. Exploitative news would be an ill fit during dayside. But, since he is going to have a show, perhaps he could exist in his 3pm slot and restrict NewsNation w/ Tamron to her current 1 hour at 1pm but utilize her in some capacity during his show. No? Then, perhaps he should be placed at 6pm. I’d rather have Norah O’Donnell, but, since Bashir is already a done deal, he would fit better in the pre-prime time lineup.

  42. mitchburke Says:

    Here’s the thing about MSNBC:
    They are the ONLY cable news network out there that will completely abandon any breaking news, (unless, like Egypt, it’s mega ultra super important) if it happens after 4pm. I remember several occasions where news was breaking at the time, and how MSNBC was the only out of the 3 big networks not to be on it. They’ve certainly underestimated the significance of a 4pm NEWS hour – something they had up until 2009.

    Orlando’s schedule above is perfect. That kind of chemistry is just what the station needs, minus the completely unwatchable Cenk Uygur. Problem is – any evening news hour on MSNBC, and it interferes with Nightly News.

    I would love to see Chris Jansing move back to her old 3-5pm slot (which she had before she moved to LA). And subtract the “Company”…for me, that bizarre format seems very draggy, and quite dull, even after all the patchwork over the past few months.

    After that: Bashir from 5-6. If Chris Matthews has trouble booking guests for a live 7pm show, then I say tape it at 5, and air at 7. Again, another reason why we love MSNBC…because it’s just great to have the same show air, separated by an hour of Turkish Delight between them.

    I also think a demotion is in Andrea’s near future. The poor lady can’t talk. Not with any disrespect to the show itself, as it is indeed a very informative hour, but it’s blatantly obvious that AMR falls short to its other dayside counterparts.

    Lastly…would I be a mad men to suggest an MSNBC simulcast of Nightly News?

  43. Here’s the thing about MSNBC:
    They are the ONLY cable news network out there that will completely abandon any breaking news, (unless, like Egypt, it’s mega ultra super important) if it happens after 4pm.

    That is inaccurate. MSNBC does plenty of breaking news in primetime because their host are live. FNC, OTOH, regularly bails for taped broadcasts.

  44. mitchburke Says:

    Very true – their hosts are always live in primetime. Still, if the news isn’t super urgent or politically-oriented, it gets swept under the carpet. An hourly update in the least, to recognize the actual news in primetime should be in order.

  45. ^ If the news isn’t “super urgent”, it isn’t breaking news. You are simply wrong. MSNBC carries breaking news in primetime. Well, four days a week, anyway..

  46. I just have to add my two cents to this. I agree with Spud again on the fact that this is just a poor excuse to cut an hour as to why they need to keep Roberts happy and fullfill Bashir’s hour.

    But let’s look at the positive, She’s back anchoring and is going to be used to lead MS’s news coverage going forward. The two things I have an issue with is that A) She should be named MSNBC’s lead anchor now that the ego monster Olberman is gone. B) The Jansing &CO. program theme doesn’t fit her right (from a producer’s prespective)

    As I posted on Tvnewser, the one sided election coverage featuring all the “op-eds” hosts bashing the right was a sad decsion and I couldn’t even watch it, and I’m a democrat. As Spud and I complain about all the time on these blogs, you can’t have NBC news brand/MS dayside get soured over primetime views. With Olberman gone and O donnel a bit more moderate, they need to make a statement and say Jansing is our lead anchor for breaking news (Aaron Brown/ cnn style), and these our our primetime hosts. If only to preserve the NBC news part of MSNBC. Fox at least has Baier and Kelly etc on to show that the network is atempting both news and bias during election coverage.

    Now I think Jansing should’ve gotten Newsnation from a producing standpoint and not try to be a morning joe for the west coast. Her and Tamron hall are in the wrong hours/formats. Hall Could still be free for Today subbing and would be better in the &co. talk format.

    The hiring of Bashir and Snow from ABC escapes me talent wise. I would’ve hired Soldad obrien, Amapour, and Kyra phillips before those two. The fact that it’s taken this long to get a daytime show up built around him speaks volumes.

    I know that there’s probally some people who think when they read these posts “why do you defend Jansing so much”? The reason I do is because she has always been pigioned holed in her career. She has always been punished for being good at what she does. She’s hard news, and was passed over many times for NBC News jobs on the mothership, but has always made an impact just as much on MS. The reporter position was a kind of semi way of promoting her to NBC News, but that couldn’t hold her back from the impact she’s had on MSNBC. After the election coverage they flew her back to NYC to contune coverage because there was no one in the MS stable who can. That’s the point -there never is because NBC NEWS promotes every talent from MS to Today.

    So Chris gets punished by doing her job, and doing it well. But the ironic thing is, her talents would be highly wasted if she was appointed a position on the Today Show, just as much as Holt’s and Morales are. So my arguement is this; the team player that keeps your dayside relevant, after all these years should be noticed for it. After all this, she should be named the lead anchor for breaking news. Clealry, that’s what she’s now going to be used for, as that’s what she represents at MSNBC. But what would it hurt to finally announce it?

  47. ^capricex, you make many excellent points and provide much to think about. Your last paragraph is a massive question. I do not, in any way, claim to have the answer, but, is it possible that the current methodology is what Chris wants or what MSNBC thinks that she wants.
    Chris Jansing has a great number of viewers who are impressed by her skills and her experienced professionalism. Since she just seems to consistantly get better and better at conducting straight news, maybe MSNBC just figures that they will let her grow at her own pace and not get too involved in anything that would make her uncomfortable. Chris is smart, very smart, and she has the discipline to drive herself just a bit beyond where she is comfortable. I agree with your concept of Chris as the lead anchor for breaking news, but, I am more than willing for her to evolve to where she and MSNBC want to go and if they don’t announce anything, it really doesn’t matter, since it is obvious.
    Otherwise, I really do hate losing a full hour of the best professional anchor in news media.

  48. MSNBC Changes….

    Chuck needs to go back to just covering politics.

    Savanna – I do like her but she is haeded to the Today Show. There is no need for Chuck without Savanna. She is the talent anyway.

    9-11 should go to Chris Janson and Lui. Chris as anchor and Lui first off the bench. He will also be handy should Chris need coffee or something. That would be a good team.

    11-1 I like John and Contessa to team up. And again we can have Lui as first off the bench. John and Contessa seem to have good chemistry, so they can work out the details.

    1:00 hour Andrea has to GO. Mitchell is the worse in their daytime lineup. I’m not sure what secrets or pictures Andrea has on Phil, but the gig is up. She must GO.

    Now my choice is Norah O’Donnel has replacement for Andrea. Norah is the untapped superstar of the network. She would be a great replacement for Cenk too. Norah can do it all.

    Tamara Hall is great and should stay at 2pm. I’m surprise she didnt get the news anchor on the Today show.

  49. 9am: The Daily Rundown w/ Chuck Todd & Norah O’Donnell and the NBC Washington News Bureau
    10am: Jansing & Co. w/ Chris Jansing … in-depth hard news rather than the current fast-paced presentation of “more news”
    11am: Jansing & Co. w/ Richard Lui
    11:30am: Jansing & Co. w/ Chris Jansing, Richard Lui & roundtable
    12pm: MSNBC Live w/ Contessa Brewer & Thomas Roberts … TODAY -inspired format
    1pm: Andrea Mitchell Reports … improved booking for potentially “marquee” Meet The Press-type daily afternoon show
    2pm: NewsNation w/ Tamron Hall … in-depth hard news rather than the current fast-paced presentation of “more news”
    3pm: NewsNation w/ Monica De La Cruz or Lynn Berry
    3:30pm: NewsNation w/ Tamron Hall, Monica De La Cruz or Lynn Berry & roundtable
    4pm: Martin Bashir … improved booking & format for potentially “marquee” Meet The Press-type daily late-day show
    5pm: The Young Turks w/ Cenk Uyger & Ana Kasparian … MSNBC produced presentation of successful web talk show
    6pm: The Dylan Ratigan Show
    7pm: Hardball w/ Chris Matthews
    8pm: The Ed Show (was obvious replacement for Olbermann; fails to generate ratings of predecessor The Last Call; would likely boost ratings at 11pm that The Last Call currently cannot)
    9pm The Rachel Maddow Show
    10pm: The Last Call w/ Lawrence O’Donnell (was doing really well at 10pm and should’ve never been moved to 8pm to replace Olbermann)

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