Piers Morgan to Interview Larry King Wednesday…Why?

So there was this big “mystery” over the weekend about who the “big” mystery guest Piers Morgan was going to interview this week. Well the mystery was solved and the big get for Wednesday is…

…Larry King.

What the heck is going on with Team Morgan? This is absolutely the wrong guest at the wrong time on so many levels. Let me tick them off…

1. Comparisons – The Morgan show is only a few weeks old. It’s still trying to establish and identity and a brand. To have the previous owner of that slot at this time is a bad idea. All it does is draw comparisons between the two…what was to what is. Not what you want to do if you have to establish your own brand.

2. Timing – Having King on at some point is not a bad idea. But this early into the launch of Morgan’s show having King on is a mistake. It’s an unnecessary distraction CNN doesn’t really need at this point in time. Speaking of distractions…

3. Damage Control Run Amok – Last Thursday King said a few things about Morgan’s show that the media seized upon as a slap at Morgan and CNN. While it is true King’s comments caused a stir, the fact is this controversy was egged on by a media that loves conflict. I knew his comments would cause trouble, not because his comments were that horrendous – they weren’t – but because I knew the media would be all over it because the media is so predictable in such circumstances.

Given the relatively innocuous nature of King’s comments, the appropriate response should been to have King issue a pithy statement re-iterating his support for Morgan and pointing out, correctly in my opinion, that no show matches its hype at launch; particularly a show that marks the end end of an era as Morgan’s does. And that would have put this to bed once and for all.

Instead, for reasons that to me are inexplicable, Team Morgan chose to take an alternative route and confront the issue head on by having King on. While there are reasons to take an issue head on they are usually reserved for issues of a truly catastrophic nature. This situation hardly qualifies as that. Worse for Team Morgan, it will have the unintended consequence of reviving Thursday’s faux pas which by rights should have already been buried by now. Now all the media writers will be glued to their TVs looking for any slip ups or signs of disagreement. And if King doesn’t fully address why a) CNN overhyped Morgan’s launch and, more importantly, b) why King doesn’t consider Morgan “dangerous”…and do so in a way that doesn’t make Morgan look bad in the process…this minor gaffe on Thursday will live on, and in a bigger way, than it would have had Team Morgan just decided to ignore the issue altogether. Team Morgan is un-necessarily elevating an issue that is ultimately a loser for them as far as the media writers go.

8 Responses to “Piers Morgan to Interview Larry King Wednesday…Why?”

  1. If Piers Morgan’s show gets canceled, will Dan Abrams hire back Steve Krakauer?

  2. What the heck is going on with Team Morgan? This is absolutely the wrong guest at the wrong time on so many levels. Let me tick them off…

    Isn’t Steve K. running things now for Morgan’s program? I gave him the secret to my success in a top secret email when I was running Outside Cable News. Seems to me he could just take what I told him (which is privileged information btw) and have a successful show, eh!

  3. I think Steve K. is the “digital producer.”

  4. “I know..I’ll address the issue of Piers interviewing Larry King by referencing a private email to Morgan’s producer. Without revealing the contents. So basically nobody knows what the hell I’m talking about, or why I mentioned it.”

  5. Without revealing the contents. So basically nobody knows what the hell I’m talking about, or why I mentioned it.”

    Oh, somebody knows.

  6. This is a kinda counterintuitive point of view on Spud’s take of the Morgan/King interview but maybe this is all a setup.

    As Spud points out the King comments were pretty innocuous and I don’t see Morgan being all that upset about them. If King had said something about Billo or KO, for example, you could expect blowback; but Morgan, as far as I can tell, appears to have ignored King’s statement completely.

    This show was probably going to get a pretty good rating (800,000+/-TV) and now we can increase that by maybe 200,000+/; as people tune in for the fireworks.

    Personally I doubt they will see any harsh words spoken as King will be his usual fawning self while Morgan cadges him for compliments. Kind of a battle of the sycophants. Just a thought.

  7. Further on my comment above; the more I read about this interview the more I think it all just a publicity stunt between King & Morgan. The NY Post is reporting this morning that Piers dumped Kid Rock, his scheduled guest, to make room for Larry.

    My theory; King wanted to make sure his appearance on Morgan’s show got decent ratings so made a few harmless remarks knowing they would get the pot stirring. Morgan is playing along as he wants good ratings for this show, as well.

    I would be gobsmacked if King doesn’t come up with some weak excuse for the comments and the whole show doesn’t end up as an obsequious fawn fest.

  8. — battle of the sycophants —

    A meeting of the mounds? So sorry…

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