This Sunday’s Doonesbury is kind of off topic since NBC Nightly News isn’t on cable. But it’s obvious Trudeau has been watching the show – and how NBC News does that “synergy thing” – closely. Any good satire has more than an ounce of truth to it and as satires go, with this one effectively duplicating Brian Williams’ cadence to the point you can almost see Williams saying these sentences, this one is brilliant.


8 Responses to “OUCH!”

  1. HA!

  2. Amusing, but they never explain why the guy is watching the ‘Nightly News’ to begin with.

  3. Can’t find the remote? Better than Kardashian Housewives Of Jersey?

  4. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Funny. And not really off topic. Cable Channels do the same.

  5. local news channels do it..cable ‘news’ channels do it and network news does it. but the worse case i’ve ever seen of synergy is from a local radio station..promoting local election results. instead of broadcasting them over the air, they send everyone to their website. now that’s really pathetic.

  6. There is a reason Eric Bolling keeps popping up all over FNC programming. And Stossel and Dobbs aren’t appearing on O’Reilly because Bill wants them to, although I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

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