Train Wreck-itis…

Jeff Jarvis turns in a thought provoking blog post on the media circus over Charlie Sheen…

Far be it from me to diagnose Sheen from afar, but I agree with Howard Stern yesterday when, after playing Sheen’s clips, he said the guy sure sounds bipolar. Yes, Sheen is acting very much like the manic people I have known. Time asks whether he’s bipolar. Whatever. He’s clearly not acting sane.

So why are they interviewing him? Not because they expect him to say smart things that give insight. Neither are they trying to give a picture of mental illness, for they give no context. On Piers Morgan’s nightly exhibition of ratings neediness, the star dismissed doctors’ mentions of bipolar disease and then Morgan stepped up to give him a clean bill of mental health, telling Sheen he is “alarmingly normal.” I think in the field they call that enabling.

2 Responses to “Train Wreck-itis…”

  1. The media should be ashamed. You’d think SOMEBODY – if they’re going to take the opportunity to interview him – would say, “Um, look like Skeletor. That’s not good..”

  2. joeremi Says:

    Someone at CNN needs to reel Piers Morgan in. He told Brooke Baldwin he would “fancy getting hammered” with Sheen..then hit on her for the 20th time. She looked like she was ready to kill him.

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