Pilot Mania…

Page Six continues its assault on CNN…

Is CNN trying to cover politics with a showbiz twist? The network, which has been shooting pilots with fresher faces and flashier formats, did one yesterday in TMZ-like style with chatter from producers. “John King USA” executive producer Michelle Jaconi audi tioned along with producers Paul Steinhauser, Peter Hamby, Mark Preston and Shannon Travis. Sunday, it taped a revival of “Capital Gang,” a political roundtable canned in 2005. Bubbly correspondent Jessica Yellin tried her hand as an anchor. A CNN rep said, “This reinforces the fact that we shoot pilots all of the time.”


3 Responses to “Pilot Mania…”

  1. A ‘bubbly’ Capital Gang? Shoot me now. 😮

  2. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Ouch. While I’m glad CNN is finally waking up and trying something new, John King must be seething right now.

  3. Maybe if JK’s show was 30 minutes it would be more watchable. The whole hour is like listening to NPR. I fall asleep.

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