Juliet Huddy Addresses FNC Situation…Sort Of…

This exchange of tweets between a Juliet Huddy follower and Huddy herself occurred yesterday…


@juliethuddy what are you doing now? I’m assuming you aren’t with FNC anymore. Everyone is.


@THEDonAllen. “Everybody” would be incorrect.


@juliethuddy Well, that’s good to hear. Hope to see you again soon.


@THEDonAllen. You will! Thanks sweetie.

It’s not exactly conclusive proof Huddy will be returning to FNC given the wording but it’s a very strong indication she will.


23 Responses to “Juliet Huddy Addresses FNC Situation…Sort Of…”

  1. Juliet Huddy’s (former)? ‘did you see that’ segment on O’Reilly this week is listed as DYST with Dagen McDowell.

  2. joeremi Says:

    “Still contractually tied to them” and “may show up on Red Eye someday as a former Fox employee” could be read into that vague response. I’m not convinced she’s still working there yet.

  3. I was replying to J$.

  4. Yep, MikeC is the guy who pointed that out to me. H/T Mike!

  5. Interesting but not really conclusive. I had Mike forward me that thing and it’s not really indicative of anything other than McDowelll will be doing it THIS WEEK. If Huddy eventually returns and does the segment, all this kibitzing will have been for naught. Perspective people…

  6. As I said at J$P, I’m pessimistic, but I’m pessimistic about a number of things. I hope this is just a two-off for Dagen. (It isn’t a one-off because she also filled in once last month.)

  7. ah but when the fill-in (or fill-ins, not sure if singular or plural) did the segment, there was no ‘filling in for JH’, or ‘JH will be back next week’ or anything like that.

  8. That’s right. It’s not like when Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers disappeared from The Factor. They were, and still are, still seen on other FNC shows.

  9. joeremi Says:

    The most obsessive thread. Ever.

  10. laura l Says:

    Oh, like any of us can judge.

  11. $, you and Mike need to loosen your tin foil hats a litte…they’re cutting off the circulation to your brains…

    …all of what you said MIGHT be true…but there’s enough FUD out there now to give me pause. And I was all over Page Hopkins’ disappearance and all the mealy mouthed answers FNC was giving about her absence when that went down…so it’s not like I’m risk adverse…

  12. All of what I said IS true. I haven’t said she’s gone. In fact I got confirmation that she is still with FNC. But it’s curious given that she’s still with FNC, and yet has disappeared from all her regular slots, and in each case without any mention of her being off, or someone filling in for her. Make of that what you will.

  13. This is the first time of been accused of wearing a tin foil hat.
    I’ve said all I can in this comment thread. I’ll give others a turn now.

  14. dwpender Says:

    ICN2 — Keep up the great work covering this. Juliet’s strange absence has all the earmarks of a serious contract negotiation snafu, at least.

    Media outlets are great at covering changes, fissures, dissension, etc in business, in government, in entertainment and in other fields. They are notoriously bad, however, at covering THEMSELVES. We see anchors and contributors vanish without a word, as if they never existed, all the time.

    Your site keeps us informed and, hopefully, provides those in the know an outlet to tell us what media conspicuously faiils to cover.

  15. motownman Says:

    About a year and a half ago, Courtney Friel disappeared from Fox for a seven-week period. No appearances on air, the Internet and no posts on her Facebook page. She came back and resumed her duties like nothing happened. She never offered an explanation, nor did she owe any.

  16. Juliet may be getting some work done.

  17. laura l Says:

    Maybe she’s having her nose finished.

  18. Maybe she is getting her nasally voice fixed too. She didn’t used to have that.

  19. If Juliet were getting some work done, wouldn’t her absence from her usual spots have been mentioned, even vaguely?

    As for Friel’s disappearance last year, the only people who owed us an explanation are the dolts who put her back on the air. Then again, that blessed silence may have coincided with the early stages of her pregnancy and morning sickness.

  20. motownman Says:

    ^Then again, that blessed silence may have coincided with the early stages of her pregnancy and morning sickness.

    If that was the case, it would have been about a 16-month pregnancy.

  21. You sure it wasn’t last year?

  22. icemannyr Says:

    Last weekend FNC’s Arthel Neville was subbing on FOX5 NYC for Christina Park who is on maternity leave.
    If Juliet is still with FNC then why can’t she sub on FOX5?

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