Life Without Beck?

The New York Times’ David Carr writes about Glenn Beck. Everyone will be zeroing in on this paragraph and the next few that follow it…

He still has numbers that just about any cable news host would envy and, with about two million viewers a night, outdraws all his competition combined. But the erosion is significant enough that Fox News officials are willing to say — anonymously, of course; they don’t want to be identified as criticizing the talent — that they are looking at the end of his contract in December and contemplating life without Mr. Beck.

29 Responses to “Life Without Beck?”

  1. It won’t surprise me if Beck gets dumped before 2012. FNC doesn’t need Beck as much as Beck needs them: despite the size of the Beck media empire. Fox could replace Beck with Steve Doocy or a traffic cone and still draw 1.5 million viewers.

    By Dec. 2011 it would be easy to replace him from the large stable of dropped out Republican POTUS candidates or some right wing pundit/host; eg Newt Gingrich or Lou Dobbs.

    Also 2012 is an election year and FNC will want a host in that slot who can stay on Fox News message track and be not preaching the end of the world is coming, you better stock up on food and hoard gold.

    The last line of the article says it all for me.
    “The problem with predicting doomsday is that if you are wrong, you have to figure out what to say the next day. And if you are right… well the ratings will be terrific , for what that’s worth.”

  2. terance Says:

    You have to know once FNC’s anonymous cowards get on record.. Beck will be hitting the bricks.

    But, as Fritz said — Beck has a lot going for him besides FNC. So, he’ll get by fine even if he’s not on television.

    That said, wouldn’t it be funny if the ‘ole Becker showed up on MSNBC or Current?

  3. Josh Kalb Says:

    Beck can be moved into FBN’s non-business primetime. He wouldn’t damage FNC’s news credibility if he’s sent to the obscurity of FBN.

  4. terance Says:

    Interesting, Josh Kalb.

    Do you mean until his contract runs out in Dec? Or perhaps a renewal over there?

  5. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Looking past the ideology and politics, I can see FNC and Beck parting amicably at the end of his contract. I don’t know what FNC would do with that hour, but Beck may leave TV altogether. Lately I’ve noticed his vision is getting worse. At time he has trouble reading the huge monitor on his set. That’s not good for a TV host.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    “FNC doesn’t need Beck as much as Beck needs them”

    I don’t Beck needs FNC. He’s a huge star. Rush doesn’t need TV.

    Maybe a Republican will win in 12′, Beck will go back to criticizing R’s and the left will like him again.

  7. Josh Kalb Says:

    I think a renewal over there, but not for a while. Beck has a huge following, and moving him over to FBN would force more cable providers to carry it and ratings for FBN would increase.

    Glenn would get the 9 PM slot. I doubt this would hurt FNC’s ratings at 9 because Hannity and Beck both have devoted fans.

    It probably won’t happen but it would be a good idea. At some point Neil Cavuto should move exclusively over to FBN along with the Saturday biz block. Megyn Kelly could take over the two hours from 4-6, and a new 1-3 show could be developed. I suggest Rick Folbaum and Harris Faulkner as the two anchors.

    I just think FNC would greatly benefit from more news programming and FBN would benefit from Beck’s ratings.

  8. whitneymuse Says:

    Recall what Ailes said when Paula Zahn left FNC? something like anything we use will draw eyeballs…wish I could recall the exact quote. You get the picture.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Sorry, libs; it ain’t gonna happen.

    John Gibson had that time period for years, and while his show was decent, they made him do a lot of Natalee Holloway crap and other tabloid news. But when Beck took over, ratings skyrocketed.

    Beck was certainly responsible for the Tea Party wins in November, and will probably re-emerge as a ratings “get” once we near the next elections.

    Libs like the NYT just love to conjure up problems where none exist.

  10. missy5537 Says:

    Yikes. I just realized that I should not have called the Natalee story “tabloid crap”, because certainly this young woman is missing and likely dead. But this was not the type of story political or news junkies follow, and I, and possibly others turned Gibson off when he covered such things.

  11. terance Says:

    Libs like the NYT just love to conjure up problems where none exist.

    Missy, did you bother reading the quotes from anonymous FNC’ers? If you can’t figure out there is a fire in the kitchen.. Maybe its time we staged an intervention on your behalf. I was thinking something along the lines of installing an FNC blocker at your house and using parental filters so you can’t read any right wing sites!

  12. whitneymuse Says:

    Beck’s arguments are far too complex and fallacious too. He wanders into Old Testament stories and leaps to the Revelation Apocalypse and expects us to buy it. IMHO, he’s in the weeds.
    Once he stated he chose Mormonism; because he needed a religion of principles…

    Beck, it’s either God’s story or men’s tales.

    His ratings did well when he started crying and concluded that he ” loved his country.”

    Even Tina Brown took notice…
    He’s an opportunist and we’re catching on to his schtick.

  13. missy5537 Says:

    terance, now you and the Slimes are relyinbg on “anonymous sources”? I thought that was disallowed in journalism. FYI, “anonymous sources” think I could be Miss America! Prove me wrong.

    And whitney, you’re citing Tina Brown, of all people? Right. I’m sure she would LOVE to see Beck and his politics succeed big time (not). And she’s calling HIM an opportunist?

  14. jackyboy Says:

    I don’t see Beck leaving FNC anytime soon. Yea I do agree his message has become somewhat muddy and very paranoid but his ratings are the best any cable news channel has ever seen. You don’t just dump someone who brings in that many viewers, regardless of how controversial they are.

    Does Beck need to change back into his funny self? Yes. Will he leave Fox? I highly doubt it.

  15. whitneymuse Says:

    Not citing her (Tina Brown) as an authority, was up the day Scarborough played the Beck clip..and he howled …Brown was his guest….

    Serendipity and caught a good show as it was funny…really funny. as I rarely watch the MSNBC channel at that time of moning…I’m in the PT and it’s way too early.

  16. Missy, we’ve been relying on anonymous sources for a while now on these here blogs. Just because you don’t like what “these” anonymous sources are saying is no reason to act as if they’re inaccurate.

    Now, if you’d like me to judge your Ms. Americaness — provide a photo and I’ll get to judging!

  17. starbroker Says:

    I think Mediaite hit the nail on the head with their last line:

    Then, just in case the article is completely wrong, Carr mentions “But the partnership, which has been good for both parties, may yet be repaired.” In other words, yes Beck and Fox News can survive without one another, but since the relationship is highly profitable and consistently headline generating for all involved, might Carr’s conjecture be nothing more than an attempt to stir the pot?

    NY Times is just making stuff up to stir the pot.

    Of course this attack on Beck comes only a few days after:

    Executive Editor Bill Keller called Fox viewers “among the most cynical people on planet earth” and blamed Rupert Murdoch for the agitated tone of today’s media.

  18. missy5537 Says:

    No way, Terance. I was just stating that I believe anonymous sources have little credibility. Besides, I’m way out of the running in the age and weight categories!

    BTW, Scarborough is obsessed with trashing Beck. If Joe had 1/10 of Beck’s audience, he’d be doing great! He seems insanely jealous of Beck and loves to deride Tea Party members.

  19. Missy — I hate anonymous sources as well.

    However, if anything these ‘anonymous sources’ said wasn’t accurate you can rest assured FNC would have their sanctioned PR hacks in full gear shooting the quotes down.

    Interestingly, there is also a Cheatwood quote on page 2. IIRC, doesn’t FNC usually abstain from commenting on articles that aren’t 100% positive?

  20. Btw, by ‘commenting’ I mean allowing themselves to be quoted in the article itself.

    I think we all know they’ve shot TVN nasty quotes concerning things written in the papers.

  21. I liked Beck without the paranoia, but even then you needed many grains of salt. When the crazy starts to outweigh the useful info, and the host loses his sense of humor, it’s hard to see the upside.

  22. missy5537 Says:

    From Glenn’s daily e-mail:

    “NY Times rumor mill: Beck/Fox divorce?

    David Carr over at the New York Times is doing his best to tabloid up the aging paper of record. He’s gone diving into the rumor mill, citing unnamed sources who claim that Beck and Fox may decide not to renew at the end of the current contract. As Scott Baker from The Blaze put it, Carr’s ‘hypothetical musings’ will certainly excite the left and cause relentless speculation around the blogosphere. Check out The Blaze for Baker’s take on the story and the Times rumor piece.”

  23. missy5537 Says:


    Hell yes, we’re agitated. Because Fox is often the only source of some of this news! Most people just watch network news or read MSM newspapers, hearing/reading bits of 0bama’s speeches, which are usually OK. But they have no clue as to how he typically contradicts himself with his actions and those of his cabinetl.

  24. joeremi Says:

    The accusation that the NYT made up quotes is silly. The anonymous sources may be full of it, but it’s safe to assume they exist, and said what they said.

  25. mlong5000 Says:

    Beck isn’t going anywhere…..sadly.

  26. joeremi is correct. Carr would not have a job at the New York Times or any other serious newspaper if he wrote articles just to make things up and attack another news organization. That’s nonsense, but some Fox people will spin it that way because it’s a game they play.

  27. whitneymuse Says:

    It was Rick Santelli who made the statement that got the Tea Party fired up when QE was initiated. Beck is an opportunist and has cased in and is hardly a conservative; more like a showman with a Schtick.

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