Japan Earthquake/Pacific Tsunami Coverage…

Post your reactions to the coverage of the 8.9 earthquake off of Japan and the Pacific Tsunami warning here. I’m waiting to see who is going to be first to get information on all the low lying islands and atolls between Japan and Hawaii where the danger posed by the threat from a strong Tsunami is so much worse than for the US’ 50th state which is getting all the press attention right now.

Update: From an emailer who was apparently keeping track of who was covering the initial reports of the quake last night…

An 8.8 magnitude has hit Japan and there are many tsunami warnings and they have it areas of Japan. Since checking at 1:25am ET, CNN is showing live coverage from CNNi. FNC is live with Maryanne Rafferty anchoring. The Weather Channel has been mentioning it. CNBC World is covering it. BBC World is covering it. Bloomberg TV is covering it. MSNBC is on tape. MSNBC did not start full coverage of the earthquake until 1:48am ET. 20 to 25 minuets after every other cable news channel.

Update 2: I’m on a Twitter rampage concerning Morning Joe’s…how shall I put it?…non wall to wall coverage of this story.


37 Responses to “Japan Earthquake/Pacific Tsunami Coverage…”

  1. whitneymuse Says:

    Property casualty re-insurers will be reporting soon; the markets will feel this globally; London will have the final layers of coverage; it will be global; expect the markets to react, should be small relatively.

  2. Just caught the last second of a report on FNC from, wait for it…

    Courtney Friel! Apparently she is in Hawaii or something. I’m going to check her facebook page.

    I didn’t actually hear what she was saying, just Gretchen, Steven and Brian thanking her.

  3. missy5537 Says:

    I woke up in the middle of the night to the coverage. FNC had Marianne Silber covering it; she did great and spoke to a few earthquake experts.

    BUT AS USUAL, Fox had their screen full of graphics crap! I literally had to turn to MSNBC to see what was going on. Fox cannot help itself; it’s “Fox News Alert” and description of what is going on was plastered on MORE than 1/3 of the lower screen, plus they had to slap a map of the region on the screen right when they were showing the tsunami coming in.

    Then they did a split screen, which further diminished what we were supposed to see.

    I love FNC, but they have some SERIOUS issues with their graphics, esp. on breaking news stories that are extremely visual in nature. Sorry to be harsh, but someone needs to be fired over this. This is an ongoing problem, and when loyal viewers like ME have to turn to MSNBC to see what is going on, they have a problem. Seriously.

  4. Courtney must be in Hawaii. Lots of people writing on her wall telling her to be safe, but nothing from her. my two favorite comments on her wall:

    1. Love the Valley Girl Speak while reporting the tsunami.

    2. In the times of Flood and water, drowning is the number one cause of death but most do not know that the number two cause of death and injury is Electrocution. So, stay away from downed power lines and electrified water.

  5. whitneymuse Says:

    Agree with Missy…the force will dissipate as it ravels to the west coast e.g. think the inverse square law applies…look at it in Wikipedia for an excellent…also my understanding of how the insurance liabliity is layered so that ultimately the London Markets at Lloyd will have the most impact but they will have spread that out too in pieces…those guys have billions just to have a seat at the table of participation.

  6. Spud, your stream of consciousness on twitter about MJ was f’ing brilliant. You said everything that was on my mind.

    I don’t watch as much MSNBC as I used to (no KO, only one hour of Tessa & Jansing) but I feel that today is when they finally jumped the shark for me, we get you are the place for politics but this thing is bigger than that.

    The only sucky thing is that I don’t like CNN and I abhor FNC (except for Shep) so I am stuck w/ nowhere to watch news.

  7. jerziegrl Says:

    Courtney is in Honolulu I think. Apparently her in-laws live there.

    A few notes: this is like beating a dead horse, I know, but Courtney is terrible at on the fly reporting. A lot of ummm’s, well, I don’t know, I’m not a geologist! lol

    F&F had the Tsunami countdown on when Heraldo was on, complete and utter failure. The camera wasn’t even on the beach and Doocy says “Ok let’s watch.” **crickets**

    turned the channel at that point.

  8. missy5537 Says:

    I heard Courtney say that her husband grew up in Hawaii, and that they are there on vacation.

    I just flipped over to CNN, and saw a report from “Carter Evans”. I know her husband’s name is Carter, so that is probably him. So both are reporting from the area while on vacation.

    BTW, PRAISE THE LORD! Fox’s graphics have diminished somewhat starting at 9 a.m. ET. But still…

  9. Yes, Carter Evans is Courtney’s husband. And I actually thought Courtney did a pretty good job for 4 in the morning or whatever time it was in Hawaii when she phoned in her report.

    Here it is: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4579905/hawaii-braces-for-tsunami/

  10. whitneymuse Says:

    Agree Josh,
    Had one TV on her too; was surprised also that the beauty queen cred came through well. She must have done well on the extemporaneous portion of the contest parade. Plus she is pleasant.

  11. At the top of Happening Now, Trace Gallagher did a great job as usual. Then Jenna Lee talked with some guy from Global Radio news who is in Tokyo. She asked him about the tsunami, and he responded by saying that he didn’t know about it because it doesn’t affect him. He’s not a very good reporter, and the whole time he kept talking about himself. And he sounded like Perez Hilton.

  12. whitneymuse Says:

    CNBC has been getting the financial insurer issues correct, too.
    And what I know could fill a thimble but the issue that clinched it for me was that despite it being a Japanese primary insurance it all leads to Europe through lloyds. (sic).. ultimately the global insurance re-insurers will all have a piece of this.

  13. Missy would have loved CNN last night. The coverage was great, but they had the CNN/CNNI-logos on top of one another. ‘7.9’ was visible on-screen long after the quake had been ‘upgraded’.

  14. whitneymuse Says:

    I’m impressed with Rick Santelli, (sic) he described the layering of insurance and spoke of the liquidation of bonds to finally pay the piper when the cause…(act of God-mine)…settles…Everyone has billions just to take a piece of the risk anyway.

  15. Is it weird that the lower-third on MSNBC has ”Disaster In Japan” and an entertainment crawl? Just checking.

  16. What’s weird is that Laura is watching MSNBC. Yes!

  17. Got dueling lower thirds on Fox, too. It’s NHK, still calling the quake 7.9, then FNC on top of it. That’s what we saw on CNN last night.

  18. I wish CNN’s graphics were a little bit bigger. If you are watching the SD feed on a smaller TV, its hard to read stuff.

    Just don’t cover up the pictures like FNC sometimes does during breaking news. At least they have been using the one line graphic which only takes up about 1/6th of the screen. I’m glad I wasn’t watching as the story first broke because I would be flipping out like Missy.

  19. And they only blamed it on Bush once..

  20. And Fox is back to the panel of babes with their mom. Back to MSNBC.

  21. What, Laura, you don’t like Chrystal Ball?

    Seriously, that chick has a crazy name.

  22. Ratigan is covering Japan, Cavuto is talking to Huckabee about WI while they wait for Walker to talk. They never get off script..

  23. — Chrystal Ball —

    During that particular segment, MSNBC had knowledgeable, in-depth coverage..and Fox had the Fetish Twins. Although, Megyn did seem to be emoting a bit less than usual. I almost caught a note of sincerity, before changing the channel.

  24. Of course, Fox has been on the earthquake/tsunami for about 80% of the day. How dare they cover something else in the news.

  25. Of course, Fox has been on the earthquake/tsunami for about 80% of the day. How dare they cover something else in the news.

    It’s Cavuto helping Huckabee sell a book, while they both help Walker sell his union-busting gimmick with an ill-timed news conference that does nothing but restate what he’s already done, and ignores the tragedy happening in the rest of the world today, including on our own coast. It’s not news, it’s an infomercial.

  26. Whatever you say.

  27. I’m right. Deal with it.

  28. The key word was ‘whatever’.

  29. Julie Banderas will be back on FNC on Sunday, anchoring with Gregg Jarrett (according to FNC’s website). No Juliet Huddy though.

  30. ” they both help Walker sell his union-busting gimmick with an ill-timed news conference that does nothing but restate what he’s already done, and ignores the tragedy happening in the rest of the world today, including on our own coast.”

    Fox/Cavuto did all this by airing Walker’s press conference? I’m a little confused, because Fox/Cavuto didn’t air Walker’s press conference. After the Huck segment they went to more Japan coverage.

  31. whitneymuse Says:

    It really bends me that the Japanese are ALSO in then ews for their run ways nuclear reactor.

  32. J$, FNC promoted that presser all day, and Cavuto looked set up for it when I left the house. My mistake.

    Whitney, proofread. I’m having a helluva time following your comments.

  33. whitneymuse Says:

    Apologize for the none proofing it’s a combo of my screen resolution and a medical problem here.
    Doing the best I can. This software tries with the red lines but not to get into the weeds I’ll try to correct my mistakes. seeing white on black isn’t the easiest to pick up; and, I’ve got great equipment here, too.

  34. Richard Lui teamed with Melissa Rayberger on MSNBC today. He’s reliably terrible at crosstalk. She started talking about her memories of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. He looked at her blankly, as if he had never heard of these things, then said something generic about how “the Japanese people will pull through”. Lame.

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